Which office skills are you currently working on?

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Rather than just listening to the advice your recruitment consultant has to offer, we thought it was time to find out what skills our candidates are working on in their current roles so that you can use them as inspiration. Check them out now!

Marcelle – working on leadership skills

When Marcelle came to us looking for office support jobs in London he demonstrated a natural leadership quality that impressed us. We found him a role as an executive assistant with a forward-thinking company. He said, “When I first started my new job I couldn’t get over how much they believed in me and the opportunities on offer. Now I’m working towards a role as a senior executive assistant and look forward to the future.”

Casey – working on collaboration skills

“I never really understood how powerful a collaborative approach could be in an office support role.” This is what Casey told us when she came to check in and update us on her new job. She has been given the chance to see how collaboration can push a team forward and is keen to use this skill to further develop what she has to offer in other temp positions.

Hashim – working on critical thinking skills

As an HR assistant, Hashim thought he’d be entering sickness and holiday requests all day long but he’s been given the chance to look at policies and procedures, analysing and improving them for the company. “Thinking critically was a challenge at first but now I approach everything with a critical eye, working out the rationale before agreeing to a way forward – it’s really helped me to provide a balanced service for my employer.”

Zoe – working on adaptability

“I've always been a stickler for a job description but the skills-based approach used in the financial sector has made me understand the need for adaptability.” Being an admin assistant in finance is not simply entering data, as Zoe found out. Her employer advocates for a skills-based approach that requires everyone to be flexible and adaptable to tasks, working on things that are suited to their skills rather than being defined by a job description!

Susie – working on technology skills

As a receptionist in an investment business, Susie was prepared for the role she was offered but was shocked when her employer offered to support her development. “When my line manager asked what I wanted to work on I asked if I could learn more about the technical software the company uses to give me a chance to develop my career within the same organisation – and I’ve been blown away as they said yes!” Susie has now started her tech skills development and knows where she wants to go in her career.

Let Love Success support your skills development

If you are keen to develop your skills so that you can apply for new office support jobs in London then Love Success is a great starting point. We work with all our candidates to find roles that suit their needs and offer exciting opportunities to develop their skills. Chat to us today to find out more about how we can get you into work!


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