Are temporary jobs a real career option?

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Are you looking for any temp work London has to offer but feel worried that it may not be the best career move? You are not alone! Many people find themselves trying to balance the need to earn money with finding the right employment opportunities, often thinking that temporary jobs in London will hinder their career progress rather than help it. But this is not true! Temporary jobs can offer a significant boost to your career path and we’re here to explain how and why!

You can build specific skills and experience for your CV

One of the best things about temporary jobs in London is that they can help you to build up your skill set in preparation for permanent posts that come up. Many people find that temp work gives you a wide variety of tasks to complete during your time with a company – providing lots to put on your CV when applying for new jobs!

You can earn good money

Temp wages in office support roles are high and currently rising. Indeed, there’s such demand for temps at the moment that wage inflation has been hitting record highs! Say goodbye to the myth that temps don’t earn as much as those in permanent roles.

You can test a specific industry before committing

Another great opportunity temp work provides is the chance to try out an industry before committing yourself fully to a career in it. Many people think that they want to work in a specific field only to find that they do not like it after they’ve completed years of study. Other options come as a pleasant surprise, having not heard about them before.

You can test drive an employer before committing

If you are sure about the industry you want to work in then a temp job can also give you the chance to try out an employer in the industry to see if your values align. Doing this will then give you the information you need to decide if you want to apply for a perm role with them in the future.

You may be offered a more permanent role

Occasionally, a company hires a temporary worker to cover an immediate need and find they are so impressed that they offer the candidate a permanent job. There are also temp-perm positions that are designed to give you and an employer the opportunity to see if your work dynamic clicks before deciding to move you into a permanent role.

Love Success has great career opportunities

Now you know that temporary jobs in London could help you to grow the career you want then why not connect with Love Success? We are a specialist recruitment agency that provides the best temp work that London offers and will support you to gain the skills and qualifications you need. All you need to do is send us your CV to register and let us find great opportunities for you to consider. Call or email us today to find out more!


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