A four day working week – is this something you can do?

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In New Zealand, many workplaces have now largely embraced a four day working week on the back of a study there which revealed that 78% of employers who implemented a four-day working week found their employees to be less stressed. It works particularly well in office-based jobs, so is appealing for those in office support jobs in London. As a London recruitment agency, we are also seeing it increasingly favoured by employers too and more adverts are coming out with a four day working week model.

There’s now a UK trial into a four day working week underway too which will finish in December 2022.

How does a four day working week work?

With a four day week, the idea is that 100% of the work is completed, using 100% productivity, in 80% of the working hours. Employees should be recompensed with 100% of their pay. The idea isn’t simply about working faster, but working more effectively and smarter, so that wasted time and unproductive time is reduced.

The trial is covering a complete range of businesses from a fish and chip shop to accountancy firms. The reality is that it probably doesn’t work for all businesses, but it particularly plays to the strengths of office-based businesses. As such, those in office support jobs in London may find this model is increasingly popular over the coming years. It’s also easier to use in larger companies, such as many of the larger offices based in London, where rotas are more easily managed.

There are both employee and employer benefits to a four day working week. Employees are less stressed and less likely to burn out. They have a better work-life balance. As such, they are healthier and more productive. Employers benefit because workers are more engaged and are less likely to be absent, and more likely to stay committed to their employer. In some instances, productivity and innovation actually go up.

Do you want a four day working week?

A four day working week can seem very appealing to those in office support roles in London, not least because that’s one day without a tricky commute. Increasingly, new roles with Love Success are being advertised as four day week positions. It’s a great time for candidates, with employers finding it tricky to recruit for their vacancies, so if it appeals to you, then now is also a good time to negotiate these terms with a new employer, or your existing one.

Not all employers will be open to a four day working week model, so you may need to settle for compressed hours, working part time, or using a hybrid working model to bring you greater flexibility. With office-based jobs, flexibility is usually easier to manage, and as long as you show your commitment to your employer and ability to get the job done, you should be afforded more autonomy.

If you are looking for a role in office support jobs in London with a four day working week model then get in touch on 020 7870 7177. Our London recruitment agency can help you find the best role for you.


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