Healthy habits to boost productivity at work

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Your health impacts your work productivity, and it’s not outside of your control. The good news is that there is a selection of healthy habits that you can make part of your routine to boost your productivity at work. Our London recruitment agency has pulled together our favourite healthy habits that in turn make you more productive in the workplace.

1.    Start the day with a sensible breakfast

In a climate of dashed commutes and convenience food, it’s easy to either skip breakfast altogether or reach for a sugary and highly-processed snack. In fact, powering up with a healthy breakfast is one way to ensure you start the day as you mean to go on – productively.

High-fibre carbs, lean protein, vitamin-rich fruit and veg and brain-boosting healthy fats provide you with the steady fuel you need for a day in the office (or until lunchtime anyway!).

2.    Take lunch – in a box, and in time!

Taking a break away from your workstation at lunch is vital to ensuring high levels of productivity in the afternoon. Giving your brain a break, even just by changing the scene, helps you manage your wellbeing at work (which boosts productivity) but will refresh you for the afternoon too.

Additionally, preparing and taking your lunch to work helps you make healthier choices than many workplace canteens or nearby coffee shops allow. You may not have a long lunch break, so preparing it in advance is key. Bento boxes and even an old-fashioned sarnie will stop you reaching for poor choices. Pop in some healthy snacks for the mid-afternoon slump to prevent you reaching for the office stash of cakes and biscuits.

3.    Stay hydrated

Most of us don’t drink enough water. But we should be aiming to drink about eight glasses of water every day. Given that you spend so long at work, often in an air-conditioned or heated office, it’s essential to reach for the water. Keep a reusable water bottle to hand. Make it more appealing by using a fruit infuser bottle. Also, switch out your regular tea or coffee for herbal alternatives, to prevent the post-caffeine come down.

4.    Move more

Those of us with desk-based jobs often have to battle the energy slump of staying in one position for hours. Sitting for too long is also not good for your health. Humans were designed to move!

Request a standing desk and increase the time you spend standing. Use natural breaks to go for a walk, such as going and chatting to a colleague rather than calling them. Walk parts of your commute. Use a pedometer and track your steps, gradually trying to increase the amount you do each day. Even gentle desk-based stretches can help.

5.    Sleep well

Healthy habits to be productive in the workplace aren’t just about what you do during the working day. You will be more productive at work if you sleep well. Prioritise your sleep and try to ensure that you keep to a good and regular sleep routine. It’s harder to make decisions, focus and be productive when you are tired, so do your best to prevent this with good sleep hygiene practices.

Sometimes your productivity at work slips for other reasons, such as feeling that the job is no longer the right one for you. If that’s the case, look beyond these healthy habits and consider hunting for a new job.


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