What Is It Like to Work in Office Support Jobs in London?

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As a leading London recruitment agency, we can give job candidates lots of candid and honest advice. But we also find that candidates find it really helpful to hear things straight from the horse’s mouth. Prospective employers are desperate for good candidates at the moment, so they can be quite hard-hitting with the sell. It’s sometimes easier to find out the truth about life in office support jobs from those who actually do them!

As such, we’ve been chatting to workers in these positions. The range of jobs involved in office support is diverse, so we made sure to get responses from a range of people, from administrators and HR staff to customer service reps and accounts staff.

Serving others

Pretty much everyone we spoke to pointed to the central tenet of their role being to support others. It shines through in all of the responses. Through supporting others, office support staff help the business meet its goals.

Shauna says, “I try to put myself in their shoes and think about what I would want or need in their position. This helps me anticipate needs and take initiative.”

Jo confirms: “Administration can sometimes be underrated, but I’ve found that if you focus on efficiency and productivity, then people value the fact they don’t even have to think about what you’re doing.”

Procedures and systems

Working with procedures and systems, including developing them, is a hugely valuable part of all office support roles. This helps ensure consistency and reliability, as well as productivity and efficiency.

Raj explains, “My job is to ensure that chaos is banished and order reigns! By bringing a prepared approach to every task and being highly organised, I can make a tangible difference for everyone around me.”

Attention to detail

Having talked to a lot of office support workers in London, pretty much all of them mentioned the importance of paying attention to details. Anna tells us: “I am so pernickety when it comes to details, but it pays off. Problems never get a chance to take root because I spot them and solve them before that happens. I also find that being focused on the details ensures that I represent the brand really well and professionally. Work is easier for everyone around me if I take care of the details.”


It goes without saying that those in office support jobs in London are skilled multi-taskers. Being able to prioritise and manage different tasks is a vital skill to succeed in these roles.

Janine explains, “It’s crucial that I am happy to multi-task. I can focus on a single task as needed, but I also need to be able to juggle lots of different demands. In office support, I think you need to have a flexible approach so that it doesn’t become overwhelming.”

Are you looking for office support jobs in London?

In addition to the above attributes, the people we chatted with also talked about professionalism, consistency, confidence, and emotional intelligence. Take a look at our current office support jobs in London to find your next opportunity.


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