7 Tasks You Can Delegate to a Virtual Assistant in 2022

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Realistically, you’ll get a shorter answer by asking “what can’t a Virtual Assistant do?” However, if you love the idea of having access to your very own fairy godmother (or father) in PA jobs in London, but don’t want them as a full-time employee, then a Virtual Assistant (VA) is your answer. So, to give you an idea of what they can do to lighten your load, we’ve listed the top seven tasks you can delegate to a Virtual Assistant.

1. Admin work

Whatever the task, if it’s admin-centric, you can bet your bottom dollar that a VA can take it on for you. They are admin pros. Chances are they’ll even be more efficient at it than you are—just saying!

This is a wide-ranging bunch of tasks and could include things like answering calls (yes, this can be done remotely), organising your diary, and ordering your to-do list. With the technology available to us, if you can imagine a PA doing it in the office, a VA can probably do it out of the office.

2. Personal tasks

Sometimes the best way to free up more time for you to do what you do well is to hand over some of the time-consuming life admin tasks. Whether that’s making travel plans and booking all those PCR tests, or helping you choose and book a tradesperson for your home, a VA can do it.

3. Social media management

Social media is important, but it can be all-consuming. From writing basic social content to scheduling and adding hashtags, a VA can make your social media work for you without all the hard work. They can even take on engagement, too.

4. Book-keeping and finances

Not all VAs are experienced in this area, but if you go through a large agency like Love Success, you’ll easily find a VA with strong finance skills. From managing and keeping track of your expenses to sending out invoices, a VA can help you manage these time-consuming tasks.

5. Research

Research, whether it’s market research on competitors or looking up best practices for a new business line, can be so overwhelming. A VA can help you gain the insights you need by carrying it out for you. They can crunch the data, analyse trends, and even screen applications.

6. Customer service

VAs are your secret weapon when it comes to customer service. You can effectively compete with much larger businesses, even appearing like you’ve got an entire dedicated customer service function. They don’t need to be with you to manage this—it can all be done remotely, whether it’s replying to enquiries through email and social media or carrying out calls.

7. Email management

If your emails feel out of control, you aren’t alone. A VA can have remote access to your inbox, delete the junk, reply to the simple stuff, file things that are handled, and leave you to focus on the messages that really need your response. What’s more, they know a thing or two about how to make it work better going forwards with nifty tricks such as filtering.


There are so many additional tasks that VAs can do, so don’t be afraid to ask us if we know someone who is up for the job. We have a diverse and skilled team of VAs ready on hand to help you with everything you need in 2022. Find a Virtual Assistant.


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