How to Improve Your Home Office Set-up

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With Omicron ensuring that many of us start 2022 making greater use of our home-working set-up once more, we thought it was important to consider your home office arrangements. You can’t “make do” when we are now in the third calendar year of the pandemic. You need to consider how whatever space you have works. To help you out, we chatted to some of the pros—those in PA jobs in London who have yo-yoed in and out of the office and home more than anyone.

5 core elements to a good home office set-up

Talking to a range of individuals in PA jobs in London, we discovered that there are five core elements to a good home office set-up:

  • A fast, reliable computer
  • Excellent Wi-Fi
  • A comfortable and ergonomic office chair
  • A desk at the right height with adequate space
  • A dedicated phone

Where should your home office set-up be?

Many people whose work offices are based in London inevitably live in accommodation that doesn’t come with bundles of space! However, it is worth considering which part of your accommodation is best suited to homeworking. It’s fair to say that in 2022, you will need a dedicated workspace again.

We’ve seen good solutions in corridors, corners, garden cabins, living rooms, and of course spare rooms. Prioritise somewhere with:

  • As much natural light as possible. Screen usage messes with your circadian rhythms, which determine your sleep quality. So, ensure you’re getting plenty of natural light at your desk. If that’s not possible, make sure you get daylight early in the morning and take your breaks outdoors.
  • As much space as possible. To work effectively and comfortably, you need your screen to be positioned a reasonable distance from you, with space for papers, diaries, and more. Try to emulate the amount of space you would have in the office.
  • A comfortable chair. We cannot emphasise this enough—anyone working remotely needs to stop doing it on their bed or sofa! We aren’t in a make-do situation anymore; you need to look after your lumbar health.
  • Sensible ergonomics. Once you’ve identified your space, work with it to create the best ergonomics possible. Get Googling! You can use books under your feet to raise your legs or rolled-up socks as wrist supports, but looking after yourself is your concern now.

Make it pleasant

In addition to checking off the basics and speaking to your employer about getting the right tech, you have more control over the ambience of your homeworking environment than you ever would in an office. Make it your space, so that you love being in it and find working remotely as pleasurable as possible.

You can add photos, plants, fun touches, and even a blanket to keep the chill away.

How is your employer approaching working from home in 2022?

Has your employer moved on with their homeworking policies and approaches since March 2020? If not, then it’s understandable that you feel frustrated. The ability to support homeworkers is now a huge differential between employers. Consider choosing a new employer who takes your homeworking set-up seriously.


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