How Has the Pandemic Changed How Hiring Is Done?

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When we started chatting about how to manage virtual interviews, we and other recruitment agencies in London thought they would be a short-term solution to the pandemic’s influence on recruitment. But the reality is that the pandemic has irreversibly changed the way we do things in many areas, and the field of hiring is no different. 

Here, we reveal the permanent ways in which hiring has changed since Covid-19 came along.

1. Temp work is an entry point

The pandemic fuelled uncertainty, which always makes employers turn to temporary workers in London to help weather choppy seas. 

What we have discovered is that being offered temp work is increasingly becoming the entry point for permanent positions. It’s an opportunity for both sides to try before they buy.

2. Discussing hybrid and flexible working is normal

Not so long ago, you wouldn’t have gone to an interview and laid your cards straight on the table in terms of flexible and hybrid working desires. Now you must. Employers are much more open to listening to what works for the individual.

3. Virtual interviews are common and work well

Certainly when it comes to first-round interviews, there’s a lot to be said for going virtual. The candidate is more at ease and both parties don’t need to take so long out of their day. Even now, when it’s not necessary to undertake virtual interviews because of lockdowns, we find they are still wanted because they save time and money.

4. Companies have to sell themselves

For as long as work has existed, the onus has always been on the candidate to sell themselves and the employer to graciously employ them. Now, the balance has shifted and we’re seeing that both parties need to sell themselves to the other. Candidates care what the employer is actually like. Will they fit the work culture?

5. Location isn’t the be all and end all

Since PAs can be very effective when working virtually, and hybrid working means that a London commute doesn’t need to be done every day, the candidate pool for jobs in London is actually becoming less geographically dependent. Employers can look outside of the immediate area with their search.

6. Individuals matter

Employers are increasingly taking a more personalised and customised approach to the hiring process. This has long been needed to ensure that employers benefit from a truly diverse workforce, but they have been slow to realise this. Now, candidates are demanding a more individualised approach to employment, which works well for both them and employers.

7. Autonomy over presence

Lastly, the most successful candidates now are those that have proven their ability to work with autonomy and independence. Trustworthiness really matters when working from home comes into the picture. As such, the most successful employers are therefore realising that worker autonomy is actually better for them than insisting on presenteeism—getting the job done is more important than being present.


Knowing that the hiring process has changed quite radically from when you last applied for jobs can be daunting. We’ve adapted and kept ahead of the curve throughout the pandemic and we’re here to help you navigate your next job hunt. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177 and we’ll help you feel confident in finding your next role.


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