Why Are You Scared of Finding a New Job?

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You know you want to get a new job. You’re ready. You know you’ve got it in you and that your career needs this next step. Or perhaps you know that you are dissatisfied or unhappy where you are and the only solution is to move on. But you’re terrified, and the fear is keeping you stuck. Why?

You’re scared of the unknown

Humans tend to resist change. Since we were toddlers growing out of our favourite t-shirts, we fundamentally like the comfort of things staying the same. Getting a new job involves huge change—new routine, new skills, new colleagues, new challenges…

Solution: Accept that to some degree, this is unavoidable but it shouldn’t be limiting. Always do your homework for new jobs carefully, so you can be sure that once things have settled down, the as-yet-unknown will be better than what you’ve got today.

You lack confidence in your skills and abilities

Feeling scared of a new job because you don’t want to look incompetent or like a fraud is very common.

Solution: Do a skills inventory. List the skills you have and match them against which ones are needed in the roles you’re after. Any gaps? What’s stopping you from developing them?

You lack belief in yourself

Whether it’s due to a bad experience or impostor syndrome, many people fail to move forwards in their career because they have poor self-confidence. 

Solution: Again, look at the skills you have and what employers are looking for. Make a list of professional achievements you’re proud of and remind yourself that you have value.

You don’t know what you want to do

Not knowing what you want to do next is so common! You know you aren’t happy where you are, but are unsure what to move on to. 

Solution: Take some time for some exploration. Consider working in a few temporary jobs in London to gain a variety of experience. Research different jobs and careers. What makes you feel inspired?

You’re worried about money or benefits

Staying for one employer brings more financial security and often better benefits over time. Moving on may lead to a pay rise, but it may also come with some short-term insecurity. 

Solution: Create a financial buffer zone by saving a few months of your salary to tide you over through any difficult times. Then, while job hunting, make sure you’re clear about your expectations and review any offer carefully before handing in your notice. You can always negotiate to bring the offer more in line with what you’re currently receiving, e.g. holiday allowance.


Being scared of finding a new job is more common than you may realise. It’s very normal to feel apprehensive and unsure about making such a big change. However, by figuring out what’s fuelling your fear, you can take the necessary steps to make things less terrifying. 

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