Christmas Temping Isn’t Just for Hospitality and Retail!

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Are you looking for temporary jobs in London over the festive period? Do you think this limits you to only hospitality and retail? Think again! Here, some of our regular temps share their experiences doing temp work in London over the holidays.

Customer support 

Seth says, “There is a huge demand for customer support temps at the moment. With online shopping through the roof and supply chain problems, there’s always a need for customer support staff over the Christmas period. This year I’m temping for a large retailer in customer support. I’ve been here since mid-November and I’ll be staying until after the January sales. It’s good money and beats being on the shop floor!”

Personal assistant

Joelle tells us, “I always find it really easy to pick up PA work over the festive season. It seems to be a time when executives really realise that they are up against it and need some help. That’s where I come in! I love working as a temporary PA—it’s really varied and interesting. I’ve got friends who do private PA work over Christmas too, lightening the load for families at the busiest time of the year.”

Office administration

Paula explains, “Lots of people assume that there aren’t really any office support temp positions over December and early January, but as a long-term temp, I don’t see this at all. In fact, there often seem to be office administration roles at this time of year because the employer needs the work done—but they don’t think the timing is right to start a full recruitment process, as most candidates won’t move right at Christmas time. It’s a great time of year to be a temp too, with the Christmas vibe in the office!”

Accounts and finance

Rich says, “I am a university student and I like to use my holidays to build my work experience, as well as earn cash. I’ve had some great office-based holiday jobs. My degree is business related and I try to get jobs in the financial sector. I’ve not had any trouble finding worthwhile jobs that are relevant to my degree. It really suits me as I don’t like the shift work needed in hospitality, and I love the London after-work scene in December.”

Office support

“There’s always a high call for office support jobs in London, both permanent and temporary,” says Roisin. “This December, I’m finding that employers are really in need of temps. So many workers seem to be out with Covid, or the really nasty bugs that everyone seems to be catching, and so they need temps to fill the gaps. It also looks like this year more workers are cramming in lots of leave they’ve not had a chance to take earlier, leaving employers short-staffed. As a temp, I can come in and provide cover.”

Looking for temporary jobs in London this Christmas?

At Love Success we help temporary workers secure new roles in office support, and that definitely includes Christmas time! If you’re a temporary candidate looking for some Christmas work, then do get in touch.


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