What Are You Doing to Work on Your Career This Autumn?

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At our London recruitment agency, we know that it’s always important to have one eye on your career. By taking an active part in its development all the time, by setting short- and long-term goals, you can direct it. This is so true for those in PA and office support jobs so we decided to chat to some people in those roles about the things they are doing for their career this autumn.

Doing the application admin

Rafael explains, “I’m going to be using these colder and darker autumn nights to do my ‘application admin’ that I’ve been putting off during the summer months. I’m hoping to apply for new jobs in the New Year, so I need to get my CV and everything organised and ready to go. It’s been a long time since I updated my CV and I’ve been reading about how I need to make it more evidence-focused, so I think it’s going to take a while.”

Brushing up on your interview skills

“I want to apply for a new job at a higher level in my field,” says Annemieke. “However, I’m terrified of interviews! I’ve decided it is holding me back though, so I’ve decided to spend the next few months working on my interview skills and building my confidence in practice settings, before applying for roles where I want to get it right. My recruitment consultant at Love Success has been really helpful, as have my friends, and my self-confidence is growing.”

Applying for new jobs

“I’m getting stuck in applying for new jobs,” says Andy. “I’ve always kept my eye on job boards and adverts and I can see that now is a fantastic time for candidates. Compared to a few months ago, there is so much more choice and employers are definitely on the lookout. This is a great time to get my application out as there’s loads of choice and I’ve also been told that it’s pushing starting salaries up too, which is nice!”

Carrying out some training

“I’ve just started a one-year MA alongside my job,” says Rachel. “It’s going to be tough as I need to put in a lot of hours, but I believe it will be really beneficial to my career in the long run. I know that I will be in a better position for future promotions. I love the course so far, even though it’s early days. I’ve got to have a go at techniques and processes that I don’t do within my everyday role, so getting that exposure in a learning environment is great.”

Networking galore

Rebecca tells us what she’s up to by saying, “Lots of conferences and events have been online because of Covid but more and more are now returning to being in person. I’m using this autumn to start attending relevant events, trade shows, and conferences so that my networking can begin in earnest again. Networking is important in my job role, but it’s also important for me professionally and I want to ensure that my name and reputation is ‘out there’ in my industry. I’m so glad we’re back to being able to do this!”

Ready for the next step with your career?

Things are definitely hotting up in recruitment, with lots of opportunities becoming available every day. Make sure you set yourself some career goals this autumn and start cracking on with them!

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