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Working with the right recruitment agency for you is really important to ensure you find the best opportunities and feel adequately supported through the process. We chatted to some of our recent candidates and asked them which question they felt was most valuable to them when choosing a recruitment agency.

What kind of process do you use for CVs?

Lillia likes this question because it shows that the recruitment agency actually pays attention to each individual CV. It reassures you that the agency is organised and has a good system for analysing and matching CVs, and that you won’t get “lost” among the masses. It also provides reassurance about your data and whether your expectations match reality.

What support do you provide?

Many recruitment agencies work as a straightforward matching process and don’t go beyond this for candidates. Rob found it was important to ask this question because it highlighted how Love Success is different, offering everything from CV writing guidance to interview practise. Not all recruitment agencies in London are the same in this regard, so it’s worth checking out.

What feedback do you give?

Ellis found it was useful to enquire about feedback provided by her chosen agency. She said, “When I am job hunting, I put so much effort into each interview that I really want to learn about what I can improve. Employers are often more honest with an agency than an individual, so I want to know that the feedback will be passed on to me.”

What happens if the job doesn’t work out?

“I needed to understand what would happen if the role I was placed in didn’t work out,” Jess told us. “I wanted reassurance that if, for whatever reason, the job didn’t work out, that they would double-down on their efforts to help me find something new. At Love Success, they also reassured me by explaining how quickly they could place me in a temporary role, if worst comes to worst.”

What does your agency specialise in?

Many larger recruitment agencies cover multiple industries and sectors, and that’s not always a good thing. “I wanted a specialist recruitment agency that focused on office support jobs in London,” says Tam. “It was important to me that the agency was seen as an expert in this area, as to me that means that the best employers will approach them and there will be a good range of job options in my niche.”

Love Success is one of the few office support and PA specialist agencies in London. It’s also worth checking that your potential agency covers the right geographical area.

Can you help me build my skills and experience?

“I wanted something more than an average agency, but one that would actually help me on my career path,” said William. “I asked Love Success this question and they explained their software training options, which are completely free. As a new graduate, that was really important to me and has definitely helped my CV. They also suggested doing some temping to build my experience. They worked with me to organise this. I’m now applying for permanent jobs with a CV that’s streets ahead of where I was two years ago!”

Where did you last place someone like me?

Asking for direct examples of where the London recruitment agency has placed someone with a similar skill set and background to you can be invaluable. You can ask them about roles and salary, getting a good feel for the market. A good recruitment agency should always be willing to share testimonials

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