Your Quick Guide to Temporary Jobs in London

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Temporary jobs in London are a great way to immerse yourself in a new industry, gain experience and skills, and possibly secure a permanent role. But if you’re new to temping and are wondering if it’s for you, you probably have lots of questions. Here we give a quick overview of temporary jobs in London so that you’re in the know.

What are the benefits of temping in London?

  • Flexibility

A short-term role puts you in the driver’s seat. Whether you’re a student or self-employed, or want to be able to travel or fit work around family commitments, the flexibility gained from temp work is attractive. 

  • Experience

We liken temping to gaining experience at speed. You can dive into a new sector or role type and get experience quickly with very few barriers to entry.

  • Networking

It’s not what you know—it’s who you know. But how do you get to know people in your chosen industry? Temping is one way to network efficiently and effectively, creating lots of contacts to serve you in the future.

  • Practise

From interview to skill practise, temping enables you to train skills more regularly than the day in, day out regularity of a consistent and permanent role.

Are there disadvantages to temporary jobs?

  • Job security

Many feel that a permanent job brings the security they desire. But remember that there isn’t much job security in any position under two years anyway. What’s more, if you stick to one temporary recruitment agency, then you gain security through them, rather than through the individual roles.

  • Inconsistent CV

The trick here is to select your temporary jobs to align with your career goals, and learn how to frame your CV carefully so that the additional experience is a benefit, not a disadvantage.

  • Lack of training

As a temp you may need to take charge of your own training needs, ensuring that you acquire the skills you want. No one else will be overlooking your development. Again, choose a recruitment agency, such as Love Success, that offers free training to support you as a temp.

How to get the best temp roles

  • Build relationships

Work with us and build a good relationship with your recruitment consultant. Stay in touch and keep them up to date, so that they know when you are available and how your skills have developed over time. 

  • Choose flexibility

When you can, be as flexible as possible. Can you be available at the last minute? If you can, you’ll secure those valuable urgent placements. 

  • Approach it seriously

Take your career as seriously if you’re doing temp work in London as you would if you were only interested in permanent roles. This way, you will secure excellent references, gain valuable experience, and fast-track your career in the direction you want.

Love Success is here to help

At Love Success, we are known for looking after our temps and ensuring they build rewarding and valuable careers in their chosen niche within office support roles. Download our Guide to Temping for more information about the difference we make, and why we are the temping partners of choice for so many candidates.


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