The Most Important Organisational Skills to Master

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You hear it blurted out in job adverts and performance reviews, but organisational skills actually cover a very broad range of skills that those in office support jobs need to master. They are varied and include elements of both soft and hard skills. They are highly sought after by employers because they bring effectiveness and efficiency to work. They save time, reduce stress, improve productivity, and can even save money.

Which specific organisational skills do you therefore need to have under your belt?

  1. Inbox management

    We liken inboxes to the foot wells of people’s cars—they are one of those areas that get neglected and can stand alone in a disarray. Even if you’re organised elsewhere, for some reason inboxes get abandoned. Without regular and routine maintenance, they simply become a mess. Dedicate time to getting your inbox in order and then strive to keep it that way.

  2. Orderliness

    Good habits of tidiness aren’t a case of either having them or not. This is an area where you can train yourself and succeed through self-discipline. Orderliness ensures you always know where everything is, and that problems aren’t hidden away to surprise you at the worst possible moment.

  3. Prioritising

    Learning the art of prioritising is essential in any busy business environment. You need to be able to know, at a glance, what all of your outstanding tasks are and which are most important. This brings us to…

  4. To-do lists

    Mastering to-do lists is prioritisation in action. The best to-do lists are constantly evolving and being rewritten, with things moving and shifting according to urgency. They are very satisfying to tick off too, so they’re worth it from a purely personal point of view as well!

  5. Record keeping

    Keeping accurate and timely records enables the workplace to function smoothly. From staying on top of filing to ensuring diligent digital records, record keeping is always considered an immediate task and an essential office support skill.

  6. Time management

    Time management (and focus) is a key organisational skill for anyone in a busy role. It involves prioritisation, planning, and diligence. People with good time management are the most productive and efficient, as they achieve more in less time, and their output is proof of this.

  7. Project management

    It’s often overlooked how much office support jobs involve multiple elements of project management. Processes, systems, plans, and evaluation can move a task or project through to completion on time and within cost. There are lots of different project management methods, and it’s often about finding the right one for you, so get Googling.

Learning organisational skills

Prospective employers of office support workers will always look for exceptional organisational skills. The good news is that they can be learned and refined. From free online courses to simply reading up on techniques and practising them, you can elevate your organisational skills to stand out from the crowd.


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