Signs Your Career Is Not the Right Fit for You

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Some people are lucky and fall into a career they love and that serves them their entire working life. But these people are rare! Most of us don’t stick to just one career. A happy professional life may mean changing course at certain points—and that’s ok. But how do you know when your career is no longer a good fit?

At our London recruitment agency we see this again and again. And it’s frustrating and disheartening for you. Finding the right fit can make you feel energised and invigorated once more. That makes you more productive and professionally attractive, so you excel and succeed. 

So what are the signs that your current role or profession isn’t right for you?

You’ve stopped growing

In your career, you want to grow and develop. You want to be learning new things and embracing new opportunities. You should be able to reflect back on recent years and see your professional development, whether it’s promotions or job changes, advancements, or taking advantage of new prospects. If you only see stagnation, then you might not be suited to the position you’re in. 

It’s Groundhog Day, again

If you operate on autopilot, going through the same motions day in, day out and feeling like you’ve mentally checked out of your working life, then you’re no longer engaged. This is different from temporary boredom, which passes quickly as soon as you get stuck on something. Lack of engagement is driven by a feeling that you don’t really have a sense of purpose. It hinders your creativity and productivity.

Doing training feels like a chore

When you’re aligned with your career and the trajectory you’re on, you’ll find that training and development represent pushing forwards. You embrace opportunities to learn new things about what you’re interested in and passionate about. However, if training feels like a complete drag (or even something you dread), then you may have lost the zest you had for this area of work.

You’re out of your depth or you feel anxious about work

We all have bad days when we’d rather not be at work. However, despite all the memes about Monday mornings, you should actually be able to enjoy your job most of the time. If you find that you’re continually experiencing negative feelings about work, or dealing with regular anxiety when it is time to go, then this role or career likely isn’t a good fit. Bear in mind you spend most of your week’s waking hours at work—it’s important you find something you enjoy!

Your work clashes with your values

It really makes a difference when you’re working with others and for an organisation whose values align with your own. From the corporate approach to the environment to how your colleagues support one another, being at ease with your values at work is really important, and crucial for success and happiness in your career. 

What to do if you discover your career isn’t a good fit

Congratulations! This insight will enable you to secure a career that is a good fit and makes you feel positive, engaged, and productive at work. Lots of people change careers. Focus on your transferable skills and take advantage of a candidate-focused market. Employers are currently aware that they need to recruit “potential” and not just ready-made employees. You should be able to undertake training and develop your career along a new trajectory.

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