How to Win Over the Hiring Manager

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Recruitment agencies in London know that the candidate market is flooded. Every time you apply for a vacancy, your CV will be landing among hundreds of others applying for the same office support jobs. It’s tough! How can you win over the hiring manager so that they choose to recruit you? Here, we share with you five top tips to make the hiring manager pay attention to you.

  1. Follow the instructions

    Hiring managers are busy. They have pressure on them to fill this role, and they have a lot of applications to sift through. They will instantly be won over if you follow the basic instructions of how to apply. If they’ve asked that you email your CV to a certain email address, they are happy if you do that. If they want you to start the application with the word “random”, they want you to do that too. Following instructions in an organised way is a paramount skill they need to identify, especially when you’re applying for office support jobs, so follow their instructions.

  2. Stick to the point

    Again, hiring managers are busy. They’ve got a lot of candidates to screen and they don’t need to waste their time trying to tease out your message. So, cut the waffle on your CV or in your cover letter. Be direct and focus your application on this role for this employer—outline what you can do for them and really stick to that point.

  3. Get in line

    If you’re competing with dozens of other candidates and you’ve all got the same repertoire of skills, the hiring manager will choose the individual who is most aligned with the company values. Even if someone has less experience and fewer documented skills and qualifications, if they are totally on board with the company’s brand ethos, they are going to win the day. So, do your research and get to know the vibe of the organisation, and ensure your personality is a match. That’s right—your personality matters, so make sure that comes across. 

  4. Give examples

    Hiring managers are a naturally cynical bunch. They’ve seen all the exaggerations and lies, and their radar for it is ultra-sensitive. As such, they won’t just take a candidate’s word for it. They want to see evidence. Think of concrete examples that back up what you say. Depending on the role, portfolios work really well, but otherwise you need to be able to effectively use case studies of how you put a skill into practice to great effect. 

  5. Ask great questions

    Hiring managers get asked the same inane questions day in, day out. Always make sure that you can’t find out the answer to your question elsewhere. Then think of curious questions that show your genuine interest and demonstrate you are truly considering this role.

Hiring managers are often undertaking the recruitment process alongside their regular work. Therefore, they don’t have the time or inclination to give candidates the benefit of the doubt. At the moment, they can take their pick, so make sure you’re the one they want. 


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