What Questions Can YOU Ask at an Interview?

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When it comes to interview questions, you probably give most of your thought to the ones you’re being asked. This is important, but you mustn’t neglect the questions you will ask too. These questions can reveal a lot about you and your desire to succeed when you’re applying for office support and PA jobs in London. 

As a London recruitment agency, we know that the interview questions you ask have the potential to make or break your interview success. 

“Do you have any questions?”

You can almost guarantee that towards the end of an interview, you’ll be asked this question. All of a sudden you realise that the questions you had thought of have been answered over the course of the interview, or you’re left asking something fairly inane. 

The trick is to strategically prepare for this question in the same way you’ve prepared for all of the other questions you’re anticipating. 

The basic rules

This humble question actually hides an opportunity. It’s not just a round-off—it’s a chance to continue making a good impression, and to get valuable insights that you don’t have yet. In our experience, the questions you ask should address one of the following four areas:

  1. Extending the connection: These questions show that you are genuinely interested in the person interviewing you, and lay the foundations of being memorable (for the right reasons!).

  2. Learning more about the company culture: It’s really important to find out as much as possible about the company culture at the interview, as it’s very difficult to really pin down through online research. If you’re offered a job, you want to know that it aligns with your values and outlook. 

  3. Figure out if there are any issues: A hiring company is presenting its best side. They want to win you over. But from a personal point of view, it’s important to uncover any particular issues. Have they had a very high turnover in this role? Or are there wider financial difficulties? 

  4. Lasting impressions: A good and smooth transition at the end of the interview is important for leaving a positive last impression. Questions can be used effectively here. 

Questions you can ask a hiring manager

With these four goals in mind, you could ask some questions from the selection below:

  • Why is the previous person in the role leaving? Why is this role being created?
  • Who has been your most successful hire in the last few years and why?
  • How did you come to work for the company?
  • What do you enjoy about working here? What do you not enjoy?
  • What is the biggest challenge the company is currently facing?
  • Can you describe the team culture to me in a few words?
  • What makes someone successful here?
  • If I’m successful, what would be the single biggest thing I could do to help the business?
  • Is there anything that’s come up in this interview that you wish was different?
  • What happens next in the hiring process?
  • What’s the employee retention rate/what is the employee turnover like?

Use questions strategically and end well

If you use questions like these then you’ll get fascinating insight into what it’s really like to work for the company, and continue to sell yourself as the best candidate. Remember, an interview is not just about them deciding if they want you! It’s also your chance to decide whether you want to work there.

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