Little Things That Make a Big Difference to the Hiring Manager

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Hiring managers are observant people—they are used to picking up on the little differences that make the “wow” stand out from the mediocre. So what are some of the things that can make a notable difference to the hiring manager when you’re next applying for office support jobs in London?

  1. Your digital footprint

    The reality is, if a hiring manager is starting to like you, they will do some research online. They will find themselves going down alleys of your TikTok content or what you tweeted recently. So, it’s not just about LinkedIn when it comes to job hunting; it’s also about what you display elsewhere. Lock down what you can and always be respectful of your business persona when posting online.

  2. Your integrity

    Hiring managers can spot fibs and lies a mile away and it’s a sure-fire way to end your application. The vast majority admire honesty and will view it as a tick for genuine integrity. So, if you’re trying to hide CV gaps for example, don’t lie—be brief but honest.

  3. Your follow-up email or call

    It’s easy to think that following up after an interview with a call can be a waste of time. We promise you, it’s not. That little politely worded email, mentioning your gratitude for learning something new during the interview, can really make a big difference. And it puts your name front and centre again.

  4. Your tone of voice

    In your CV, and certainly in an interview, your tone of voice conveys a lot. Specifically, the hiring manager will be impressed if they can tell tone is genuine and tailored to them. They can spot if you’re simply plying them with a generic application, so make it personal.

  5. Your attitude

    Your attitude will shine like a beacon, especially in person. Nerves really aren’t a big deal—they are expected and par for the course. However, your attitude gives a good insight into what you will be like to work with. 

  6. How you talk to everyone

    It’s not enough to simply impress the hiring manager and then be rude to the receptionist on the way out. Hiring managers often ask others who met the candidate for their impressions. Be inquisitive, and courteous and polite to everyone in the organisation you come into contact with. 

  7. Your energy

    Being keen is one thing—being intense is quite different. Let the hiring manager sense your energy and eagerness, but keep it from coming across as desperation. They will appreciate a short and sweet standalone email following an interview, not War and Peace sent daily until they tell you they’ve had enough.

It’s actually remarkably easy to make a big difference to a hiring manager because they deal with difficult, demanding, and indifferent applicants all day! Stand out for the right reasons, do the little things that make their life easier, and you’ll make a big difference.



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