The Benefits of Temping in 2021

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2021 is already shaping up to be another bizarre year in the world of work. We’re still stuck in the quagmire of 2020 in terms of lockdowns, furlough, and working-from-home. We’re not yet able to shake off the effects of the pandemic, and this has changed the world of work for both candidates and employers.

Since the first lockdown in March 2020, recovery has repeatedly presented itself largely through temping. Temporary jobs in London bounce back more easily because they present opportunities for employers who are feeling apprehensive about making long-term decisions. This means that if you broaden your job search to include temp work in London, then you’re more likely to be successful in your quest.

But it’s not just about finding any job, although that will be the motivation for some. Temporary jobs in London offer a range of benefits, especially in 2021.

  • Covid flexibility

    Whether it’s because you’re suddenly juggling work with teaching your children or because you see cases rising and want to avoid unnecessary contact with others, Covid is requiring many of us to take a more flexible approach to life. Temping puts you in the driver’s seat. You get to decide when you work and cherry-pick the roles that work around your life.

  • Temping can plug CV gaps

    If you’ve been made redundant or lost your job, you can soon end up with an unwanted gap on your CV. By securing a temp role quickly, you can ensure continuity on your CV and keep earning whilst you look for a long-term solution.

  • It boosts your skills and experience

    Ready to level-up in your career but missing some crucial experience or skill development? Temping can get you the experience you need quickly. The problem with working in one permanent role for a long time is that your skills become quite specific to that employer. By temping, you propel your development.

  • Temping gets you known

    Not everyone is an interview pro. You may well be the best candidate, but if interviews get the better of you, you’ll lose out. Temping can get you through the door and effectively tested before the employer commits.

  • Temping helps you know what you want

The current job market challenges are particularly difficult for young people. The good news is that most temporary office support jobs in London are ideal for such candidates. You also get to test-drive different employers, sectors, and roles to see how you may like to develop your career in the future.

What roles are available?

Employers get in touch with us daily to find candidates for their temporary jobs in London. These can be enormously varied, but we specialise in office support jobs in London. A few examples of the kinds of temp positions we may have available at any one time include: PAs, executive assistants, customer service personnel, receptionists, office managers, administrators, accounts roles, and HR.

If you’d like to become a Love Success temp, then we’d love to help you find your next role. Submit your CV to find temporary jobs in London.


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