How Can a Virtual Assistant Help to Grow Your Business?

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As a PA recruitment agency specialising in office support jobs in London, we know that running a business is no easy task. We started small and grew on our successes too. This means we also know that, during the entrepreneurial stage, business leaders wear many different hats. If only virtual assistants had been a viable option when Love Success started! Alas, the internet wasn’t what it is today. But nowadays, a virtual assistant (or VA) might be exactly what you need to manage your workload and grow your business.

How can they do this? Here are just a few of the ways that those doing PA jobs in London are now working in VA roles and making a difference:

Social media

Social media is an unwieldy beast, but it’s mightily important for any small or growing businesses. It’s where your brand takes root and where you can engage with your potential customer base. It’s where they get to know you and trust you.

But it is extremely time-consuming, and no matter how much you do, you could always do more. It also rarely brings instant results but is a powerful slow burner. So, hiring a VA is the way to manage your social media without the headache.

Finance and bookkeeping

Experienced VAs will be able to take on basic bookkeeping tasks. Those niggly ones that take the longest, such as chasing invoices, are very easy to pass over. Personal Assistants are natural-born organisation pros, and that’s good news when it comes to your books.


From filling in that form to typing up that letter or preparing a slideshow, a VA is an admin whizz. Admin is where their skills really lie, and so they will get the job done quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. This means that you have more time to actually get on with the money-making endeavour your business is about. Admin is a real time sucker, but a VA can take that off you.

Human Resources

If your business isn’t yet big enough to have an in-house HR bod, then all of the tasks fall to you, and that’s tough. Your VA can take on admin tasks from shortlisting CVs for recruitment through to managing staff absence. From formulating policies to getting your head around employment law, a VA is an excellent person to have at your right hand.

Data management and reporting

Measuring success is vital throughout the life of your business, particularly during the early years. However, it requires an immense amount of data management and poring over analytics. VAs are skilled at going through metrics to pull out insights. They can do the time-consuming element so that you have the information to act on.

Project management

Because of their experience, often from working in PA jobs in London, VAs are skilled at taking on board a wide range of projects. From implementing new software to delivering a new customer service protocol, VAs are happy to turn their hand to anything you need to make your life easier.

Choosing a reliable Virtual Assistant

We recommend using our Virtual Support service. That way you aren’t putting all your eggs in one basket. You can be matched with the best VA for your particular needs and ensure coverage over holidays, illness, and more.


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