Why Temporary Jobs in London Are the Answer to Your Job-Hunting Worries

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According to the most recent Report on Jobs, temporary billings have increased sharply. Right now, with Covid uncertainty still rife, they may well be the solution for many job hunters.

Why are temporary jobs in London the answer?

Temp work in London sometimes gets a bad rap. It’s often pictured as the low-paid bar work undertaken by young people or transient visitors to London. However, the capital has a long tradition of filling office support jobs in London with temporary staff.

The balance between permanent and temp office staff varies, but the latter are always important. This is because temporary placements enable employers to navigate uncertain times. When they need work doing but are worried about long term outlooks, a temp can be the solution. They bring the skills without the risk.

The current situation, with Covid-19 cases rising and the winter ahead of us — not to mention Brexit  — means that employers are facing a lot of uncertainty. Yet they still need talent to make their businesses work, and that’s why they turn to temps.

How do I find worthwhile temporary roles?

Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the REC said, “Across the country, the story varies between sectors, but today’s survey emphasises that the labour market is always creating roles — our challenge is to help people find them. That’s where the UK’s world-leading recruitment sector comes in. Recruiters are experts on where opportunities lie and at supporting people to get those new jobs.”

With temporary office jobs in London, you need to have the right recruitment partner in your corner. Specialists such as Love Success will be able to pair you with temp jobs in office roles that are a world away from the stereotype of temp bar work. We get asked by employers to find temporary applicants for all sorts of roles from customer service to HR and accounts to facilities management.

Such roles may be perfect for you for now. Sometimes, temporary roles get made permanent, but even if they don’t, they still bring the same rights and security that you’re familiar with, especially if you use just one recruitment agency. You can accrue holiday pay, for example.

Temporary jobs also enable you to build your CV by acquiring new and varied skills. If you’re working to level up on the career ladder or to change sector, then temping can be the bridge that makes it possible.

At Love Success, we have exceptional relationships with employers across the capital and beyond, and we see daily how they’re increasingly turning to temps for office support jobs in London at the moment. Find out more about temporary jobs through Love Success and feel that you’re back in control of your job hunt.


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