Ways to Thank Employees After a Hard Year

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It’d be pretty hard to find anyone who hasn’t found 2020 tough. With at least two lockdowns under their belts and radical changes to work and social lives, employees are reaching the end of 2020 shaken, worn-down, and a little flat. Whilst hope for change is on the horizon with vaccines and testing, we’ve still got months of winter to endure. As an employer, how can you show your office support staff that you’re grateful for all they’ve done this year?

At our London recruitment agency, we’ve been looking at some ideas.

Say “thank you”

Begin by acknowledging that a simple “thank you” is more than necessary this year. Thanks are needed for working from home, taking up a daughter’s bedroom, a corner of the living room, or perching on the kitchen table.

Thanks are needed for all the employees, including temporary staff, who’ve worked tirelessly to enable businesses to survive.

And don’t forget those on furlough — there’s a lot of worry being carried on their shoulders too. Furlough through the depths of winter is a very different ballgame to furlough in spring and summer.

Make it instant

If an employee is going above and beyond, then make the thank you recognisable and instant. At the moment, the best way to do that is with eVouchers. You can also arrange for home deliveries, ranging from a case of wine to a floral bouquet. And of course, there’s always the option of a festive hamper.

Be flexible

At the moment, the best gifts are those that are a little more intangible. For example, have your employees proved they can be trusted? If so, why not offer them increased flexible working over Christmas, which may allow them to visit family they haven’t seen for months, or work from home with excited Santa-believers.

After the exhaustion of trying to keep up with events this year, a little flexibility will be a welcome treat that pays off all round.

Give them support

Businesses have had to show they genuinely care this year. But it’s not just about authentic empathy for customers and clients, you also need to show that you care about your staff. Think of ways that you can help them beat the winter and Covid-blues.

Can you introduce an Employee Assistance Programme? Are you able to offer free online membership to a wellbeing provider or at-home yoga classes?

Have some fun

Many office support workers currently having to work from home are feeling cut off and disconnected. Host a virtual Christmas party or similar fun event that will get people unwinding and having fun together. Remind them that there’s room for play alongside work. At the moment, that’s a potentially difficult concept for people, so bring the fun to them.

They’re worth it

Your employees have done amazing things this year whilst going through a tough time. Let them know you’re grateful.


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