How to Stay Motivated While You're Furloughed

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Whether you’ve been furloughed for several weeks or months and the gloom is now setting in or your furlough has been extended as your employer has less work, it can be tough. Social media has been extolling the joys of not working, yet you may be feeling anxious about money and your career, or lost and aimless given the limited things you can do at home until lockdown is fully lifted and life goes back to relative "normality". At our London recruitment agency, we’re aware of the challenges you’re facing and have some realistic ideas for staying motivated during furlough.

Keep a routine

Without the parameters of a working day, it’s easy to lose routine in all areas of your life. However, a routine can help you use your time more effectively, feel more positive, and give your life structure. Try to get up at the same time each day and set tasks around a schedule. It may seem artificial to begin with, but it will help you in the long term.

Think about how you use your time

Once you do, you’ll discover that there are large chunks of time unaccounted for that would usually be filled with work. This can feel daunting, but it’s these hours you can fill with all the weird and wonderful time-fillers you’ve seen on Facebook! Schedule into your routine an online training course or two that support your career, a hobby you’ve not had time for, some socially distanced socialising, and exercise. That way, when you wake up every morning, you’ll know what you’re doing and have a sense of purpose.

Have ‘work’ time

You may not be doing your usual job, but it’s good to keep your mind in the game. You may be worried about being made redundant. If so, use this time to research local recruitment agencies that specialise in your area and appear to be thriving during this difficult time. Use the time to update your CV too. Additionally, speak to your employer and ask whether they’re happy for you to do some temporary work. There are many opportunities for temp work in London. Try to choose something that supports your career. For example, why not consider registering for our virtual PA and office support service? This would enable you to do some work from home. Alternatively, consider volunteering in your community.

Keep healthy

Staying healthy may take more conscious effort than usual at the moment. Perhaps set a health and body goal for the coming month or two, or learn a new relaxation technique such as yoga or mindfulness?

Talk to others

Everyone is experiencing the current situation differently. Try to find others who are also furloughed and share the same worries it entails. Share your experiences, and check in on each other.

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