How to Do Socially Distanced Recruitment

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Recruiting during lockdown and social distancing has posed numerous problems. However, our London recruitment agency has continued successfully recruiting for clients seeking new hires, whether for office support or remote positions. Here we share with you some of our tips for making recruitment effective while social distancing is in place.

Know your enemy

By understanding the current recruitment challenges, you can begin to circumnavigate them. Our clients are facing numerous problems at the moment.

Firstly, there are new challenges posed by working with recruitment consultants who are working remotely. Many recruitment agencies in London have furloughed most of their staff, meaning you might not be able to rely on your usual agency. At Love Success, we’ve remained open and have recruitment consultants on hand ready to help you. They’re largely working remotely, but have full access to all of our usual systems and processes. You shouldn’t notice any difference in the range or quality of their work.

Secondly, there’s a greater need to hire for temp or remote positions. Not all recruiters are skilled at both temporary and permanent recruitment. Make sure you choose an agency that specialises in both and works within your industry niche.

The third challenge is the practicality of assessing candidates for a position using socially distanced and remote methods. How do you interview effectively? How can the candidate be sure they’ll like the office culture when they can’t visit the premises?

Effective recruitment solutions

Once you’ve chosen a London recruitment agency that’s open and adept at remote working, let them guide you towards the most effective recruitment strategies for the current level of social distancing.

The central element of remote recruitment at this stage is interviewing. It’s unlikely at the moment that you’ll be able to conduct a face-to-face interview, even if you adhere to social distancing guidelines. Technically, you could meet with one other person outdoors if you wish. It would be an unusual interview situation, but these are unusual times!

It’s more likely that you’ll turn to remote interview methods, either by phone or video conference. In some ways, this can work in your favour: If you get permission from the candidate, you can record the interview. This will give you time to properly assess the candidates afterwards in a way that you wouldn’t traditionally.

When using telephone or video conference interviewing, follow your recruitment agency’s guidelines. There are numerous challenges to these methods and they’ll be best placed to help you overcome them.

Choose Love Success

We’re a London recruitment agency that has risen to the challenge of social distancing and lockdown. We’re ready to help you recruit for temp work and office support jobs in London as needed. For more information, visit our client page.


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