Your Voice: What Makes PAs Passionate about Their job?

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As an ethical and leading recruitment agency in London, we work to understand what matters to our candidates. As an award-winning “Most Trusted PA Recruitment Agency”, this is particularly important. If we can understand what makes you passionate about your role, you’ll stay in that position. Given the expense of recruitment, it’s vital for employers too. It’s crucial that employers know we recruit for the long term in permanent roles, not for our short-term gain.

That’s why we asked the respondents of our recent PA survey what makes them passionate about their work. There were some fascinating responses and recurring themes.

Teamwork matters

In our experience, the best PAs excel in teamwork. Indeed, very few serve a single boss, working in a silo away from others. It’s this teamwork that spurs many on. Lea told us that simply having a “great team” makes her love her job. Debbie and Diana said the same thing. Sophie also said her passion was having “a great, supportive team.”

Bosses matter

It’s not just teams, as bosses matter too. Alexandra said that she was passionate about “working in an amazing team and with an amazing boss.” The relationship between PA and boss is a unique one and clearly important in the success and achievements of both parties.

The Marie Kondos of the PA world

It’s no surprise that for many PAs, the work process helps them to thrive. As Nomsa reported, it’s her love of “order and organisation” that makes her energised. Andrea says she likes to organise the “business line” and hit targets.

Worth and value

In many roles, particularly in often unseen supportive roles like PA jobs, it’s the sense of value that keeps many feeling passionate. Josephine put it bluntly: “Knowing that I am doing a good job is important”. Chrissy listed “appreciation and thanks”,  whilst Meena cited “the ‘thank you!’ and ‘well done!’ I get from my boss.” Rosalie described this concept as “pivotal” to her bosses and organisation. Charlotte described it as “acknowledgement of a job well done, leaving me feeling empowered.”

Making your bosses’ lives easier

Those working in PA jobs in London know that their core function is to facilitate the role of their bosses. For many, this is exactly where their passions lie. Shannon reported that “I feel passionate when I can see my hard work making my boss’s life easier.” Amy put it simply: “I like doing a job well”, and Taylor said she is passionate about “helping people.” Prisha said it was about “making a difference.” Behfar explained that passion lies in “creating a stress-free life for my executives.” Charlotte said it was about “making people happy.”

Are you passionate about your job?

Feeling passionate about the work you do helps you work hard, thrive emotionally, and can boost your career. If you’ve lost the passion for what you do, then maybe it’s time to move on? We can help you find a position you’re passionate about. Find out more in our Candidate Area.


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