How to Work Effectively from Home — Part 2

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In the first part of our guide to working effectively from home, we looked at some of the strategies put in place by PAs regularly working from home. Here are some more of their excellent suggestions.

  1. Figure yourself out

    “When I was working 9-5, I just took it to be what I did,” explains Jackie. “However, I’m actually a “lark”, which means I’m much more productive when I get up early and hit my workload. My employers don’t mind as long as I get the job done.”

    Check with your employer first, but you may find it better to play to your natural rhythms when it comes to homeworking. Perhaps shifting your work hours could maximise your productivity?

  2. Be organised

    Working from the office requires organisational skills. Working from home requires those same skills but even more so. You’ll need to carefully organise everything from when you chat with your team to what tasks you’re doing that day.

    Jessica told us, “I start each day by writing my to-do list, just like I would in the office. I then cross-reference it with my calendar. I make sure to schedule in time for unexpected phone calls.”

  3. Move

    When working from home, it’s possible to get lost in what you’re doing and discover you’ve barely moved. A few hours later, the result is mental fatigue and a loss of productivity. There’s no walking up and down the office stairs to see a colleague or walking down a long corridor to get a cuppa.

    Angela said, “Make sure you stand up and move about once an hour. Walk around the house, or down the garden, then return to your desk. You’ll find it’s much easier to focus.”

  4. Have a lunch break!

    For the same reason, try not to work through your lunch break. When you work from home, it’s extremely tempting to do so.

    However, as Marc explained, “I use my lunch break to go for a walk. It doesn’t matter what I do really, but I make sure I’m not sat at my desk. It helps me recharge and get ready for the afternoon.”

  5. Tell people you’re working from home

Josh told us about when he first started working from home: “My mum would call, wanting to chat for an hour. Then a friend would ask if they could stop by, or a neighbour would pop round wanting to borrow something. I realised I needed to explain to people that I was actually working.”

Try to be firm and create strict boundaries about your work time, even though you’re at home. Explain to repeat offenders that you’re working and cannot be disturbed. Use caller display, and steer clear of social media during work hours.

Hopefully, having read our two-part guide on how to work effectively from home, you’ll now be prepared to make homeworking as productive as the office. Like many regular homeworkers, you may find that you can be more productive.


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