What’s Going Well for Office Support Workers While Homeworking?

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We’re one of the many recruitment agencies in London trying to keep things as normal as possible for everyone during the COVID-19 crisis. We know it’s not an easy time, but for businesses, it’s not all bad news. We’ve been chatting to some of London’s many office support workers to find out what’s going well for them now they’re working from home.

Technology knowledge

“I’ve always been a little apprehensive of new technology,” Amir told us. “Working from home, however, I’ve had to get stuck in. I’m now using the office systems, as well as new apps, in ways I would’ve been nervous about before. I’ve discovered I can do it and don’t always need to run to IT!”


Emma explained that her productivity has increased. “I’ve always thought that a ridiculous amount of my day gets wasted by people interrupting me,” she says. “I’ve now got the proof. I’m getting so much done each day that my boss is happy for me to knock off at 2.30pm! That’s really helping me with childcare, which makes me want to work even harder!”


“I love the flexibility of homeworking,” says Jamal. “I know it’s not a normal situation. However, because I’m used to temping in London, I’m also used to different degrees of flexibility from employers. I think my current employer has realised that flexibility is making us all get more done. So, I’m working from 6am to 2pm, and my wife’s doing 2pm to 10pm. As a result, we’re managing the children and still getting our work done.”


Sarah’s been impressed with how homeworking has actually improved communications: “I thought homeworking would be a nightmare in terms of communicating with my team. However, using communication software, we’re communicating better than ever! We’ve become faster and more focused.”

Feeling safe

Erica said that feeling safe has been important to her: “When I was still commuting into the city and working in the office, I felt vulnerable, and I felt my family was vulnerable. Now that we’re working from home, I feel safer. I feel valued by my employer as I know that other companies haven’t handled things so well. This has made me feel grateful and committed to helping the business through this time.”


“Having to adapt an office-based job to homeworking hasn’t been easy,” Thomas admitted. “However, what it’s done is focused our attention on what really matters. It’s also focused our minds on our current systems and protocols, and what we could be doing better or more efficiently. We’ll be taking a lot of these improvements back into the office when all this is over!”

Homeworking for office support workers

It’s great that so many of you are experiencing good things about working from home! We understand that this way of working presents multiple challenges for many, but looking at the positives is important for us all. Stay tuned for the second part of our working from home tips this week!


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