The Best Cafes in London for Business Meetings

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As a top London recruitment agency, we know that those working in PA jobs in London often find themselves in the no man’s land of low-key event planning. Your boss doesn’t fancy meeting the rest of the board in the office, but they don’t want to shell out for a sophisticated lunch. Or they want to make things more informal and relaxed, or simply want a change of scene. A café is perfect for this low-key business meeting.

However, not just any café will do. Many are too small, cramped, or noisy. Here are our five favourite London cafes for business meetings, as revealed by candidates doing office support jobs in London.

  1. Grind

    There are a whole bunch of Grind cafes around London. You’ll find them in Covent Garden, Liverpool Street, and dotted around the capital. They do coffee brilliantly paired with various eating options if you wish. What’s great is that their cafes are all very spacious in London terms and the tables are easily big enough to get out meeting papers and make notes. You can also book, which means no time is wasted waiting.

  2. The Riding House Café

    In Fitzrovia, you’ll find Riding House Café, which has recently reopened with a fantastic new facelift. It’s long been popular for out-of-the-office meetings because you can chat around a coffee table whilst relaxing on a sofa, or sit at more upright table if needs be. They do excellent light plates if you need to refuel.

  3. Notes

    You can’t go wrong with Notes in Covent Garden or one of their other London locations. Again, this is a spacious café with plenty of room for working alongside indulging in their wonderful cakes and bakes. What’s more, if your business meeting turns into a social event, then wine is on offer too.

  4. The Hubbard and Bell

    The Hubbard and Bell in the Hoxton Hotel is a lobby restaurant that is perfect for a business meeting café-style. It is busy, but you’ll also find it an inspiring space. There are tables, desks, and sofas, so you can usually find the right spot for what you need. Centrally-located, it’s ideal for many and you can use the restaurant to restock the energy levels.

  5. Fleet Kitchen

In Bloomsbury, you’ll find Fleet Kitchen, which is absolutely ideal for relaxed business meetings. It calls itself a bakery and you can certainly crunch some numbers over a divine pastry and coffee, or you can choose a fresh bursting with flavour lunch too. There’s plenty of light, fast Wi- Fi, and a relaxed atmosphere, making this somewhere to plough on with work in a wonderful setting where you feel looked after.

Whether you’re doing office support jobs in London and need to step out of the office, or are arranging somewhere for your boss and their colleagues to get some work done, cafes are a relaxed and informal option. Make dull business meetings a thing of the past by choosing to have them in a London café.


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