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We are spoilt for choice when it comes to outstanding executive assistants in London. As a PA recruitment agency in the capital that fills countless PA jobs in London, we know some incredibly skilled individuals. However, this week one candidate shone out amongst the rest. So today we talk to Ailsa, a London executive assistant who we placed through our PA recruitment agency.

We’ve nicknamed you ‘London executive assistant of the week’ – tell us why we’ve given you that title?

Thank you! I’m honoured but I don’t consider that I’ve done anything more than I usually do. I believe that I got an important client out of a fix and showed just how an executive assistant can add value.

Tell us more about the placement

I’m often working in different PA jobs in London and EA roles. This one was a little more unusual. I typically take longer term placements but Love Success called me needing a one-week EA. I was working for a large London-based headquarters as they moved a key division (and a key executive) overseas.

It was a complex but interesting week. I had to get up to speed quickly. They could have benefitted from having an executive assistant earlier in the process. There was a great deal of fire-fighting to do. Nonetheless, we pulled the move off smoothly and everyone was happy.

Why were you called in last minute

Office moves are always tricky times. Throw in some other deadlines, clients visiting, and the move taking place to abroad and it was always going to be tough. In addition, the executive I was particularly helping had already sent his family ahead, and he was feeling immensely stressed and anxious with a house sale that was proving difficult.

By coming in, I was able to relieve much of the stress. There were still clients needing attention in the UK so I quickly organised for their meetings to take place at different London venues nearby to ease the pressure. I took on the logistics and freed up the executive to focus on essentials only.

Would you consider working as an executive assistant outside of London?

The executive I was working for actually offered for me to move with them! However, I am a Londoner and I love working here. I have worked previously in different European cities, but I see my future EA career here in London.

What role are you looking for next?

I’m back at my favourite PA recruitment agency looking for new PA jobs in London. I’ve spent some time this morning hearing about different roles available. There’s more choice than I thought there would be at this time of year. At the moment, I can’t decide between applying for a role in the finance sector for three executives or a private PA to a high net worth individual—they are both very different roles so I want to find out more!

Would you take on another week-long placement?

Maybe. It’s not my usual thing as I like to really get to know my boss and their workplace. However, I didn’t realise how much value I could add in just a week, so having got that buzz, maybe I want more!


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