Temporary Office Support Jobs: How Long Are They For?

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It’s an excellent time for those looking for temporary jobs in London, particularly in office support roles. However, there’s often a great deal of confusion about the nature of temporary office support jobs and temp work in London in general. What really is temping and what might it look like for you?

Myth-busting temp work in London

For many years, temporary jobs in London were viewed as little more than a stop-gap for both employers and candidates. These roles were rarely taken seriously, and certainly not part of strategic planning. Temporary office support jobs were often undertaken by students looking for extra cash, individuals travelling the world, or those ‘between jobs’. Employers would rarely call for a temp for anything except sickness, holiday, or maternity cover.

That impression of temporary jobs in London is now wrong. Temporary office support jobs sit alongside permanent positions with equal confidence and status. Temp work in London is now actively being used to propel business growth, manage staffing in the more medium term, and bring flexibility in our uncertain economic and political times. For the individual, temporary office support jobs can now be part of a carefully thought-out career plan to gain experience quickly or to create a flexible work-life balance.

What temporary jobs in London are really like in 2019

Some of this shift can be understood more easily when considered within the ‘gig economy’. There’s a huge increase in the prevalence, relevance, and use of short-term contracts, placements, or freelancers to complete work on a more task-based basis. And much of the rise of temp work fits in with this.

However, this also means there isn’t really a clear definition of what temp working might actually look like, or how long a placement may go on for. Rather than feeling daunted by this, the flexibility is ideal for candidates and employers.

How long do they last?

As an experienced London recruitment agency that works with employers and candidates in the temping market, we’d say that temporary office support jobs are immensely varied in 2019. It’s not just that there are plenty available, but they also come in many different forms.

One office support placement may be for just a day, or even a few hours, while another might be for several months, a year, or even longer. We find ourselves in an increasingly different marketplace where we’re filling jobs on the day, for the day, planning to cover a long-term PA’s extended maternity leave, or provide cover whilst a headquarters moves location.

Temp work in London characterised by flexibility

Both employers and candidates are benefitting from this increased flexibility. It’s now possible to find exactly what you’re looking for, when you need it, as long as you know where to look. Whether you’re an employer or a candidate, get in touch with us to see what temporary jobs in London in 2019 really look like. You can also find out more about how to find temporary jobs in London here.


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