Insider Insight: Office Support Temping in London Part 4

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In previous articles in our series about temporary office support jobs in London, you’ve learned why graduates and parents returning to work have opted to do temp work in London. You’ve also seen how a temp position can become permanent and move an individual’s career forwards. In the penultimate article in our series, we spoke to one of our student temps about how temporary jobs in London work for them.

The Student Temp

Jamal is a student at a London university doing a degree in Economics and Business. He’s just completed the first year of his three-year course. He’s been temping in London through Love Success since October 2018.

Why did you start temping?

For me, temping in London was the obvious choice. I moved here from Leeds for my course and I needed to earn some extra cash. I really didn’t fancy the usual part-time jobs students go for. Also, with the degree that I’m doing, I was really keen to gain some real-world experience, rather than keeping it all for the lecture theatre.

What type of temp placements have you done?

I registered with Love Success in October 2018 and I’ve done some interesting office support jobs in London. It can be tricky to find the right hours in term time because of my course, but I’ve had a few placements in term time at call centres doing shifts that work around my course hours. In the holidays, it’s easier as I’m available more often. These times, I’ve done some work in a few different office support roles, anything from filing to data entry. I’ve just started a two-month placement for the summer, which is for an accountancy practice doing admin.

How long do you think you will temp for?

I have definite plans to continue temping throughout my second year at university. In my third year, I think I’ll save it just for the holidays as my studies will need my attention. But it’s proving really useful for my CV. I was talking to my Love Success consultant this morning about my future and she was explaining that these office support jobs in London will really help me when I graduate. I guess there’s the possibility that one placement may even turn into something more permanent as I’d really like to stay in London after my degree.

If you could give other student temps some advice, what would you say?

It’s hard juggling working and studying, but through temping in office support jobs in London I’m not just gaining cash to live. I’m also building experience for my future, so it’s worth the effort and juggling involved. However, use a recruitment agency that are used to working with students and be really clear about your availability. Also remember to prioritise your studies and if it’s getting too much, then take a break for a while.

If you’re a student in London looking for temp work that will help your future employment opportunities, then learn more about temping in London and give us a call on 020 7870 7177.


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