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A plumber has his toolkit and the salesman has his PowerPoints, what are the tools of the trade for those doing PA jobs in London? We spent a day asking just that of candidates looking for PA jobs and office support jobs in London. As a PA recruitment agency, it was very insightful!

The tech lovers

Many of the answers involved technology of some sort. Time and again, we were simply told “my laptop” but when we pushed a little further, we revealed that PAs often love certain programmes or apps.

Google Calendar featured very highly! You all love being in control of what’s happening when. Citimapper and the TFL apps were also highly rated, presumably by those who are carefully working out how to get their boss from A to B avoiding traffic delays.

Interestingly, audio visual equipment was referred to often. Many of you are now solely preparing meetings and pitches and feel more confident knowing that the A/V equipment won’t let you down.

The organisational geeks

Those doing PA jobs in London are known for being organisational masters. We got a fascinating insight into which tools of the trade you use to keep organised.

The humble stapler put in a steady and reliable appearance! However, you really adore your notepads. Most of you prefer an A4 lined pad and everyone said it had to be ringbound. You all had your favourite London stationery stores, so we couldn’t pick an outright winner.

Nonetheless, many of you also opt for tech where organisation is concerned—with favourite organisational apps being Wunderlist and 24me.

It seems that post-it notes are still in. We particularly love how a few of you use these to create tick-box options for your executives. One candidate explained how she’ll stick a note to an invitation and then simply write “Attend? Yes or no”, which her boss then circles!

The communicators

It would be impossible to do PA jobs in London without being an exceptional communicator. It seems that you’ve all got various different weapons in your arsenal here.

Skype and WhatsApp are popular communication tools for PAs. Every single person we asked felt they couldn’t be the expert communicator they are without their trusty mobile phone.

In addition, the majority of you said you use Bluetooth headsets, especially out and about in the capital. You all said that these enabled you to never break your stride when responding to calls, and to never waste a moment that could be used productively.

Ever-organised, ever-prepared

Lastly, you all said that an umbrella was a tool of your trade. Perhaps it was a particularly rainy day when you came in to our London recruitment agency!


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