Why Is London the Best City to Work in?

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Brexit may be giving the UK a tough time but as one of the top London recruitment agencies, we know that London is still most definitely the best city to work in. So why not give temp work in London a go and see for yourself what’s so great about this city?

London – the diversity capital

London succeeds where diversity is concerned, with a staggering 300 languages spoken here. Of course, there are still improvements to be made but London has a diverse and cosmopolitan culture, making it a wonderful melting pot. Fuelled by being home to a huge number of industries, London has always attracted talent from elsewhere in the UK and abroad. Anyone can feel at home as a Londoner.

We are particularly familiar with this in terms of PA jobs in London. The businesses coming to us, looking to fill their PA roles, are as diverse as the citizens of London themselves.

London potentially also attracts so much talent because it is the education capital of Europe. 43 universities call London home and many of them attract a vast number of international students who then stay following graduation.

London – the financial capital

London has a long-standing reputation as being the finance capital of the world. It may be rivalled by the likes of New York, but the finance industry drives the rest of business in London. Yes, it’s the finance sector which is home to many PA jobs in London, but it’s also the reason why many careers can be made here.

Indeed, A New York Times article stated: “Modern London is the metropolis that globalization created, and London is the banker to the planet.”

The place to be

As one of London’s leading recruitment agencies, we have some first-hand knowledge of why London is the best place to work. There’s so much going on here mixed with so much opportunity. There is a thriving business community that extends from incredible venues for training and development through to unusual places to enjoy socialising after work.

There’s also the rich sense of heritage and culture in London. You can be an active part of a modern Pride Parade before nipping in to a museum full of antiquities. Often, workspaces, venues, and restaurants occupy old buildings with interesting history of their own whilst their neighbours showcase the cutting-edge architecture of today.

It’s easy to get around

London may be enormous in terms of square miles, but it’s one of the easiest cities to get around. With the iconic Underground and the classic London red bus, alongside the classic black cab, there’s no shortage of options.

There’s always something to do

Lastly, when you work in London, there’s never a shortage of things to do. There are over 7000 pubs here! There are always different events happening around the city and of course there are the famous sights such as the London Eye. Find out more about what’s on in London at the moment by checking out Time Out London.

Ready to look for work in London?

Come and chat to us about temp work in London and we promise that you’ll catch the London bug and want to stay. This is the best city to work in and we’re proud to be one of the London recruitment agencies that gets to entice people to live and work in such a wonderful place. If you’re after office support jobs, PA jobs, or EA jobs in the capital, then get in touch today.


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