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We took the chance to catch up with Fraser, a seasoned veteran of PA jobs in London. He’s been using our PA recruitment agency to find temporary jobs in London within the PA arena for the last five years.

What is your career approach?

I work in various PA jobs in London, usually through contracts that are 3-9 months long, often covering long-term sickness, maternity, and career breaks. I like the flexibility of temporary jobs and the variety. Plus, I’ve discovered that extended temping is great for building my skills and never getting bored!

This is only possible because I’m in touch with Love Success, a dedicated PA recruitment agency. They don’t just recruit for permanent PA roles but always have a great selection of temporary jobs in London on their books.

What are the main aspects of your current role?

At the moment, I’m a PA to five directors whilst their regular staff member is on maternity leave. The business is a website design agency so it’s busy and energetic, which I love. My main responsibilities are managing the diaries of the directors, which can be quite complex. I also assist them with office management because they’re often travelling or offsite, so it can be difficult for them to maintain consistency.

Do you have a morning routine?

I think if you’re not a lover of morning routines, then PA jobs in London aren’t for you! I get up, head for a run, then back home to shower and catch the bus to work. I’m at my desk by 8:30 where I have my breakfast. At this point, I quickly scan all the diaries for the day and organise my work before checking emails.

What sort of things might you do on an average day?

There’s a lot of going back and forth between online calendars. I try to second-guess things so that meeting rooms are free (and set up) when needed. Almost certainly at some point in the day, I will fire-fight a crisis for one boss or another! I also often spend time chatting to clients, confirming expectations, and checking that they’re happy.

Do you get time for lunch?

Yes, most days I do. This may be a busy office but there’s also a sense that we’re all in it together and we need to look after ourselves. I often do the lunch run to one of the nearby delis, but I have to admit it’s not unheard of for me to eat and work through lunch.

Is there anything you find hard about your role because you do temporary jobs in London?

It can be hard to feel fully part of the team from day 1. However, I’m very sociable so I simply get stuck in. Also, working for the bosses, you can sometimes feel like you’re ‘on the wrong team’. That’s fortunately not usually a problem but I always think it says more about the culture of the company than about me!

What’s been a highlight of working PA jobs in London?

Ooh, so many to list! Bizarrely, although on paper I loved working for a very famous name, it didn’t feel like the career highlight I thought it would. The moments I look back on are the comments from bosses about how I’ve really helped or how I’ve suggested things they wouldn’t have thought of.

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