What Does a PA in London Do and Can They Help You?

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Once upon a time, you could tell a recruitment agency in London that you needed a PA, then go back to what you were doing and wait for someone to start. People knew what a PA did. They had a clear and defined role that didn’t vary much from business to business. But then, along came the digital age, when PA jobs in London took an enormous shift.

Out went typing pools and the standard PA role. However, we haven’t lost PAs altogether. In fact, what we’ve gained is a more diverse industry where roles are more varied. So whilst this makes the role of the PA recruitment agency even more specialised and crucial, what will a PA actually do for you?

They make your life easier

The fundamental premise of the PA job description is to make your life easier. A PA working for one individual still exists, but often boards or groups of executives share a PA. So a PA is tasked with the role of making several people’s lives easier!

What that looks like may differ from business to business, but typically, it will include office and life organisation—and various administrative tasks. The individual relationship between an executive and their PA is vital. A good PA will learn about what their particular boss needs in order to do his or her job more easily.

They utilise tech so you’re in control

The modern PA is a tech-savvy individual. They are digital experts—a Google Calendar pro and quick to learn any app that will make your life easier. Digitisation of everything from diaries to travel agencies means that contemporary PAs can be more efficient with their time.

Tech also speeds up all the old-school elements of PA jobs in London. This means that your PA will spend less time doing these tasks, freeing up their availability to help you with other things, so you can gain more insight and clarity.

They are the calm in the storm

There’s an often underrated valuable element of having a PA—their ability solve problems and be a calm influence when crises happen, as they do. Having this individual in your corner can empower you to swiftly and efficiently manage problems as they occur.

They are the boss of your systems

A PA can truly add value to your business when they have the skills to develop and utilise systems within the organisation. Indeed, by allowing a skilled PA to develop management and organisational systems, the business as a whole will benefit.

This will also free up more time for the PA to do useful for you, such as liaising with clients, organising events, and creating reports, documents, and presentations.

Does it sound like a modern PA is what you need? Not all recruitment agencies in London are the best at filling your PA jobs in London. Instead, choose a specialised PA recruitment agency like Love Success and see the difference a PA can make to your working life.


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