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Today, we got the chance to talk to Denise, a top London PA. She has been using Love Success as her PA recruitment agency to find jobs in London for the last 6 years. She started off working basic office support jobs in London before her most recent appointment as a PA to a CEO in the private finance sector.

Love Success: How has your career changed over the last six years?

Denise: Back then, I was working in two office support jobs in London, both part-time, to make up full-time hours. This was a great grounding but I wanted to move more into specifically PA jobs in London. That’s what I do now.

Love Success: What has been your career highlight to date?

Denise: Probably securing my most recent position through you as a PA recruitment agency. I was able to secure my current role, which is quite a specialist PA job with a great deal of responsibility. This was interesting because it came on the back of some temp work. The temping actually gave me a new set of skills, which helped me to secure this next position on my career ladder.

Love Success: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your career?

Denise: To be flexible and to embrace change. In my last few roles, I’ve been working alongside others doing office support jobs in London, as well as other PAs. The ones who are not only developing their career, but actually love what they do are the ones who thrive on change. Working in London, particularly at the moment with a leadership change and Brexit, you have to like change!

Love Success: What would you say is the most demanding element of working in PA jobs in London?

Denise: To be honest, I think the demands and challenges really vary and that can be a challenge in itself. I have noticed over the last six years that there’s more pressure on everyone. Colleagues and clients can seem stressed. It’s quite demanding to carefully manage everyone’s expectations.

Love Success: What do you anticipate will be the next step in your career?

Denise: I’m not looking to move on at the moment. At the moment, I’m focusing on creating new systems for my employer and that’s providing plenty of challenge and interest. I’m sure when I’m ready, then you’ll be my PA recruitment agency of choice as I’ve been really happy with you in the past.

Love Success: Thank you! What advice would you give to others looking to progress in PA jobs in London?

Denise: No role is wasted. From office support jobs in London to temp work, there’s something to be gained from every role. However, I really recommend taking steps to show how you add value within your current role. This may help you to be recognised for promotion with your current employer or prove to be a stepping stone for the next step. Networking also really helps.

Thank you to Denise for sharing her experience in PA jobs in London with us. We are a dedicated London PA recruitment agency and we can help you find temporary and permanent PA and office support jobs in London. You can start the search for your next step by calling us on 020 7870 7177.


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