Can European Workers Still Get Work in London?

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Unfortunately, many recruitment agencies in London are perpetuating the myth that all of the temporary jobs in London and long-term positions done by EU workers are suffering from a mass exodus since the Brexit referendum vote. At Love Success, we are a London recruitment agency that loves the truth, so what’s really going on? We’ll let you in on what’s really happening with EU workers in the capital.

The facts for current EU workers in London

Recruitment agencies in London are admittedly facing some interesting times. Unemployment is low, at just 3.8%, and we’re experiencing significant skills shortages. Historically, problems caused by this would be aided using workers coming to London from the EU.

Headlines tell us that since the referendum in June 2016, these workers have left in mass swathes. However, some fascinating data from Full Fact shows that in summer 2018, there were 3.7 million EU workers in the UK, up from 3.4 million in the year before the Brexit vote. It would appear that we’re actually managing these problems in the ways that we always have.

Confusion around the truth may come from a drop in net migration to the UK, which also takes into account the number of people leaving the UK.

So can I still get work in London as an EU citizen?

Yes—you can still come to a London recruitment agency and get work in London as an EU citizen. This applies to temporary jobs in London and permanent positions. European nationals still have the right to live in the UK, certainly until Brexit actually happens. They’re entitled to the same rights as UK workers, and employers must treat them equally.

However, the question remains how EU workers will be permitted to work in London once Brexit has happened. We’re still at the stage of no real answers, but you can find more information here. The Citizens Advice Bureau also gives further information.

Office support jobs in London for European workers

Regardless of the UK’s EU membership, it’s likely that it will remain possible for non-UK citizens to work in London under the current visa system if nothing else. To see what visas may be open to EU workers in the event of a No Deal Brexit, visit the UK Visas and Information service. For the time being, however, it’s business as usual. We are still welcoming and filling office support jobs in London with a plethora of skilled candidates from the EU.

We do know that there’s a boom in temporary jobs in London whilst businesses manage the uncertainty of Brexit. Read our guide on why now is a great time to look for temp work in London. Temporary jobs in London are helping employers navigate the uncertain future, but they can also help individuals who don’t want to put their work life on hold whilst political decisions are still being hammered out.

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