My Experience of Temping in Office Support Jobs in London

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I’ve built my career doing office support jobs in London. I’ve worked in Westminster and Mayfair. I’ve worked for individuals and multinationals. I guess my career has been so varied because over the last 10 years, I’ve focused on temporary jobs in London within office support.

I moved to only doing temp jobs in London when my youngest started school. At the time, it was about flexibility for me. One of my children had complex medical needs and I needed to know I could work around him. From there, I just discovered that I love it due to the variety. Now, it works brilliantly as the children are nearly all grown, my husband is semi-retired, and we can take holidays at the drop of a hat!

The kinds of office support jobs in London available

Over the years, whilst I’ve discovered there are often similarities between office support jobs, there’s always something different too. Filing is not just filing when the systems are completely different. Or the particular focus of a role can vary.

Since I started doing temp work in London, I’ve been responsible for the diary management of a celebrity, been a travel coordinator for a firm of international lawyers, answered phones for a charity and much more besides. In fact, I’d say it’s the variety within office support that makes sure I still love what I do all these years later!

Where I work

I usually only take roles in Zone 1 and Zone 2 so I can get there easily within a short commute. I’ve worked in Covent Garden, Piccadilly, Bloomsbury, and more. I’d say most of the roles are usually within the City though. I’ve done a mixture of full- and part-time hours in different roles.

The reasons I live and work in London

London is my home, and always has been. It’s where my family live. Beyond that, I love the vibrancy of working in London. The opportunities are far greater here and you can have a lot of fun outside of work! It’s not impossible for me to do a day’s work then meet my husband in the West End for a drink, dinner, and even a show.

Making temp work a long-term career

I have lots of people asking if working temp jobs has hindered my career. I don’t think it has. In fact, this way of working has enabled me to actually have a career when at one point that didn’t look possible due to family needs.

Making a career out of temp jobs has been made much easier by using a dedicated London recruitment agency. In many ways, they manage my work life! I let them know when I am available, and we’ve been working together so long now that they can predict the roles I’ll be interested in!

My advice to others

Office support jobs, and temporary work in London, can be hugely rewarding. But you need to be self-motivated to make it work as a long-term career. You need to constantly have your mind on what’s coming next.

Within office support roles, I’d say always focus on being kind but firm. When temping, people can easily think you’re there to do everything they don’t want to do. Make sure you’re clear on your role and have boundaries.

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