Top 5 Places to Take Clients for Drinks in London

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When doing PA jobs in London, you need to know the London scene inside out. Whether your executive asks you to book a training venue or a five course meal with clients, you need to know where to go. It’s not unusual in office support jobs in London to be asked to pick a place for drinks with clients. Where should you choose? Here are our top five places to take clients for drinks in London.

  1. Mews Cocktail Bar

    Mews of Mayfair is the place to go to woo important clients. The range of cocktails is impressive, and being in the heart of Mayfair, it shows plush London at its best. The statement bar combined with oak panelling and blue leather invites deals to be made. The atmosphere is lively, but not so loud that discussions can’t take place. It’s very much like an exclusive club, without the membership hoops to jump through.

  2. Covent Garden Hotel Bar

    The Covent Garden Hotel Bar is a comfortable and sophisticated spot for a glass of wine in central London. There is brasserie food available, as well as tapas and various platters. The focus here is on showcasing good food and fine wine in a relaxed yet stylish environment.

  3. Tokenhouse

    Tokenhouse is in Moorgate and offers a distinctly unpretentious place to enjoy a drink or two. Not far from Bank, it is very convenient and can cater to small client groups or larger numbers. A classic Fuller pub, you can expect great cask conditioned ale, but there really is something for everyone. What’s more, this is a place not just for the executives, but somewhere that you can come to and unwind after a long day in office support jobs.

  4. 10 Cases

    In Covent Garden, you’ll find the popular 10 Cases wine bar. In fact, this is such a classic wine bar that you’ll wonder whether you’ve been transported to Paris. There are always around 20 wines available each day that can be ordered by the glass, carafe, or bottle. If you fall in love with a flavour, then there’s a shop on site. 10 Cases is also ideal for meeting clients on summer evenings, as the tables and chairs spill out on to the pavement.

  5. Artesian

There’s no doubt that Artesian is at the pinnacle of the sophisticated bar scene. It’s all about the cocktails here. However, don’t expect fancy gimmicks—just pure clever mixes that focus on minimalism. The setting itself is both comfortable and classy, allowing your executive to focus on conversation with their client.

Making bookings is an essential part of life when you work in PA jobs in London. However, recommendations are important too, so it’s always worth asking others who work in PA jobs and recommending your great finds to them. Now you have a few ideas up your sleeve—it’s time to get booking!


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