The Top 3 Employee-focused Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy

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Great business owners know that keeping a client is much less expensive than finding new ones. The same can be said of employees. Hiring new staff is time-consuming, risky, and expensive—especially if you’re replacing excellent employees. The aim of a business owner or manager should therefore be to keep their best employees happy and motivated, so they stay. At our leading London recruitment agency, we know why employees choose to move on, so here are our top three ways to keep your staff happy.

1. Give them freedom

If you micro-manage your employees, it won’t be long until they’re looking for management who will give them the freedom to get the job done their way. So show your employees some love and set them free to be creative, passionate, and successful. You hired these people for a reason, because you believed that they could get the job done, so let them! Set clear expectations and trust that your star employees will deliver, rather than standing over their shoulder watching their every move. If it’s your way or the highway, don’t be surprised if many of them eventually choose the road.

2. Be available

Now you’ve set your employees free to dazzle you, make sure you’re there for them when they need you. Sometimes it’ll be to lend advice from your past experiences. Sometimes they’ll need you to jump in and lend a hand when they get knocked down trying something that didn’t work. Other times, you’ll need to have their back when working with a difficult client, or just need to be a place for them to vent. Knowing that your door is open gives staff the confidence to take risks and make big plays, because they know you’ll be there for them no matter what.

3. Reward results

The best employees rarely want to fly under the radar. Their drive to be the best is fueled by their desire to be recognized. If you want to keep that engine roaring, you need to add petrol to the tank. Make sure you have a clear and open system on how rewards are earned and ensure it’s based on merit. While loyalty and longevity are both qualities to be recognized, it can be hard for a young superstar to watch others get all the praise simply for hanging around long enough. Reward the old guard, but find creative and compelling ways to recognize and compensate the young guns, or they’ll find someone who will.

The three keys to success

Keeping your staff requires keen, active, forward-thinking management. Employees need to be led but also need to see where they’re going and be given the chance to drive their own successes. A good leader will find a way to balance those needs. Give employees the freedom to fail, with a sturdy safety net and a reason to take those risks. This will keep them in the fold and engaged.

Ask the experts

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