Keeping Your Personal Life Private at Work

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Few people enjoy being the subject of office gossip, and if people start to discuss our personal problems in the workplace, it can lead to unhappiness. What’s more, employers are usually less than impressed when employees’ personal lives spill into their professional lives. Especially if it affects the standard of their work. Thankfully, you can keep your private life private in the workplace with these top tips from our leading London recruitment agency.

Talk to those you trust

It can be difficult to put personal issues aside, especially if they’re challenging. However, try to only discuss your private life with people you trust. If a colleague you trust is willing to listen to and help you, remember to repay the favour if they experience personal problems in the future. If your emotional well-being depends on having someone to confide in but you have nobody to turn to, you may want to try a counselling service.

Find a quiet place

If you do decide to talk to a colleague, don’t discuss it openly where you could be overheard, or when you’re supposed to be working. The best time to discuss issues is during your breaks, so it doesn’t affect the quality of your work. Ask friends and family members not to call you at work unless they urgently need to speak to you, and find somewhere to take calls where no one is within earshot.

Set boundaries

You don’t have to completely avoid being sociable at work, but think carefully before you give too much away. Consider what kind of information you’re happy to talk about when it comes to your family and hobbies, then leave everything else out of the conversation. Let others know where your boundaries are. Likewise, social media can cause big problems in keeping your personal life private at work, so be careful about who you befriend digitally and what you let them see.

Don’t get involved

Although it’s easy to get dragged into conversations about colleagues, office gossip can be cruel, humiliating, and damaging, so avoid discussing other people’s personal issues. If there are people in your team who are notorious for office gossip, stay out of the conversation. Being branded as a gossip can substantially damage trust and make others suspicious of you.

Walk away

You may never be able to completely separate your personal life from work, but don’t feel obliged to answer any questions that prying colleagues might ask. If you find yourself being drawn into conversations that you don’t wish to partake in about your personal life or other people’s, calmly let your colleagues know that you don’t feel comfortable about entering the discussion and walk away.

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