The Top 5 Job-Hunting Beliefs That Could Be Holding You Back

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When you’re looking for a new job, it can feel like an impossible feat—like there are no jobs out there or you don’t have the skills required—but actually, it’s often our own self-beliefs that are holding us back. At our leading London recruitment agency, we’ve helped many candidates find work by helping them turn around their limiting beliefs. So today, we’re here to do the same for you!

#1 “There are no jobs out there”

Especially if you’ve been made redundant from your previous job, it can seem like there aren’t any jobs to apply for. As a busy London recruitment agency, we can promise there are plenty of jobs out there! In fact, the UK job market has more vacancies than available candidates. Try broadening your job search or getting in touch with a recruitment agency like Love Success to help you find and access more jobs.

 #2 “I don’t have the skills/experience”

A common limiting self-belief is thinking we don’t have the skills, knowledge, or experience necessary for a particular job. Often though, we have more skills than we realise. For example, if you’ve been working in PA jobs and are seeking an EA job, you might think you don’t have skills required when you actually do. Conduct a skills assessment to get an accurate idea of all your skills. Write down all of your experience. Then match these to the job description—you’ll probably find you have more than you thought!

#3 “That job isn’t for me”

Another common job-hunting belief is that a certain job just isn’t for us. But how do you know until you’ve looked into it? Do some research into roles you hadn’t considered—you might find that they’re more interesting than you expected. Perhaps you’ve been working in office support jobs and don’t think you’d want to work in PA jobs—spending a day shadowing a PA might reveal how exciting it is!

#4 “Nobody wants to hire me”

If you’ve been unemployed for a while or rejected after several interviews, it can feel like nobody wants you. However, just because you’ve been turned down a few times doesn’t mean that the next company won’t love you! The important thing is to keep a positive, confident attitude, as you want interviewers to see the best side of you. If you go into interviews with a negative attitude, thinking they don’t want you, this will come across.

#5 “I’m never going to get my dream job”

For many people, they don’t apply for their dream job because they think it’s unattainable. However, this limiting belief can stop you from reaching your dreams. If your dream job is to become a top London PA, then go for it. Match your skills to the job description, build your experience through other PA jobs, then apply for that top London PA job with confidence that you can succeed in it.

If you need help finding your next role, get in touch with our team of recruitment experts at Love Success, London’s leading PA and secretarial recruitment agency. We can help you find your next role or your dream role.


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