Top 5 Tips on How to Increase Your Focus in the Office

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Offices can be very distracting places, so it’s easy to feel that you’re not as focused or productive as you could be. Especially if you work in fast-paced EA or PA jobs, being focused is vital to your success. As a leading London PA recruitment agency, we know a thing or two about focus and productivity, so here are our top tips to help you stay focused in the office.

#1 Write to-do lists

Knowing what needs to be done is the first step in being able to focus, so to-do lists are your best friend here. But don’t just write them anytime—the best time is before you leave work. As the last job of the day, write out your to-do list for tomorrow. That way, you can start the day fresh and focused from the outset. It also helps to write a to-do list for the week and for longer-term projects.

#2 Make use of apps

Another way to improve your focus, especially in demanding PA jobs, is to utilise apps and software. These apps can even provide reports on wasted time and productivity levels, motivating you to stay focused. Whether it’s Trello to organise and track projects, FocusBooster to keep you focused, or many of the other wonderful apps out there—software can really help to increase your concentration.

#3 Remove distractions

One of the main reasons we struggle to focus is because of office distractions—whether it’s ringing phones, the noisy photocopier, or your colleagues asking you questions. However, you can remove these distractions by asking your boss whether you could wear headphones so you can focus on an important task, or working from home or an empty meeting room when possible.

#4 Practise time blocking            

A simple technique to improve your focus and concentration is blocking out time to work on specific projects—and only working on that task. Doing so means you don’t get side-tracked by other tasks or find yourself switching between multiple tasks. You can block out these times at the beginning of the week, then if something urgent comes up, as often happens in demanding EA jobs, simply switch the blocks around.

#5 Break down big tasks

Sometimes, we have difficultly focusing on a task because it feels unmanageable. If you’re a PA trying to organise a big event for the whole office, it can feel like a huge, insurmountable task. In these cases, break the big job down into smaller tasks either on paper or using an app. Smaller tasks make it easier to concentrate on what actually needs to be done.

It can also be difficult to focus if you don’t enjoy your job or love what you do. If this is the case, get in touch with our team of recruitment experts today. Whether it’s top London PA jobs, fast-paced receptionist roles, or challenging EA jobs—we can help you find a job that keeps you focused.

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