Why Is 2018 the Best Year to Move to London for Work?

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At our leading London PA and secretarial recruitment agency—we don’t just love success, we love London! The capital has been our home as a business for over 10 years, and much longer for many of our staff. We truly believe that 2018 is the year you should consider moving to London. There are many benefits of life in the Big Smoke—both in terms of employment opportunities and weekend activities, so today we’ll let you in on why it’s time to move to London!

Why work in London?

1. Job opportunities

Many London businesses are actively seeking new staff, with job vacancies in the capital increasing by 9.1% last month alone! As the biggest city in the UK, this means abundant job opportunities available for those looking to work in the capital. In March, London experienced large growth in job vacancies, and this is likely to continue throughout the rest of 2018.

2. Flourishing economy

In recent years, London’s economy has really boomed! It’s now the home of many national and international businesses. London has established itself as a global hub for the finance, education, creative, and tech industries, among others—and is the leading exporter worldwide of both financial and professional services. As these sectors grow, more and more new jobs will be created, requiring more and more skilled workers.

3. Skilled roles

Much has been said in the media lately about robots replacing jobs, and research indicates that this will primarily affect lower-skilled roles. London is in a great position to weather the tide of automation, due to its strong economy and plentiful specialist sectors. In fact, London is known for its highly-skilled workforce, where over half of workers have a degree (compared to 31% in the rest of the UK).

4. Transport links

In such a large and bustling city, great transport links are vital if you don’t live within walking vicinity of your job. Thankfully, London is blessed with an extensive network of buses and Tubes, making everywhere accessible. Some parts of the Tube are now open 24/7, meaning it’s even easier to get around.

Why live in London?

1. Melting pot

London is one of the most multicultural and diverse cities in the world, with over 300 different languages spoken, and more than a third of the population having been born outside the UK. This makes it wonderfully welcoming to all, and brilliant for international cuisine and spectacular festivals.

2. Personality

As a capital city, London is understandably huge, but this means that each district has its own personality. From trendy areas to those with hippy vibes, up-and-coming spots, and fashionable districts, there’s an area that suits everyone. No matter what your personality, there’s an area to match.

3. Things to do

If there’s something that London offers in abundance—it’s things to do. There’s the West End, more than 300 music venues, numerous carnivals and festivals, tons of famous landmarks, and three of the world’s top 10 museums and art galleries. Many of the museums are even free to enter! Your weekends will never be boring in London, and there’s plenty to do with friends and family when they visit.

4. Green spaces

Despite being a sky-scraping city, London is one of the greenest compared to other big cities in the world. There’s a staggering 11,000 acres of green space to explore on your days off, with many beautiful parks and even a forest nearby. If you want to escape the bustling city, a natural oasis is never far away!

If you’re thinking of moving to the capital, we can help you find temporary and permanent PA jobs, office support roles, and secretarial jobs in London. So, get in touch with the team at Love Success today and start loving London as much as we do!


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