A Week in the Life of a Top London PA - Friday

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At our London PA recruitment agency, we often get asked what a PA job really entails, so this week, we asked one of our top London PAs to give you an all-access look into a week in her life... 

A Week in the Life of a Love Success PA: Friday

8.45am: Friday is always a bit hectic, as everyone suddenly realises they haven’t finished their work for the week! Becky also likes everyone to give a project update on Fridays, which sends the whole tea into a frenzy. Everyone is in the office early, heads down.

9am: After my usual tasks, I start drafting some letters for Becky about Wednesday’s meeting. I don’t like it that they didn’t get done yesterday, but sometimes there isn’t enough hours in the day!

9.30am: After printing the letters on official paper, I leave them on Becky’s desk with a big Post-it saying “TO SIGN ASAP!” Becky is one of the most intelligent women I’ve ever met, but she’s also one of the most disorganised, so I like to make things as clear as possible for her. I often feel like her right-hand woman, which makes me feel really valued.

10am: Although I’m Becky’s PA, I help the team members out with their projects too, and we all pitch in together to make sure everything gets done. Luckily, we all get on really well! I imagined life as a PA meant just dealing with my boss, but I’ve realised that having good working relationships with the rest of the team is also really important in PA jobs.

11am: What normally happens is several of the team members end up needing a hand on their project work, usually with photocopying or getting in touch with people. I keep a project tracker to see whose project needs to be completed first or is the most important, which saves a lot of hassle.

12.30pm: Since everyone’s really busy on Fridays, I sometimes order in pizza for the team, which Becky allows if it means people are happy to work through their lunch. It’s win-win really! I go down to reception to collect the pizzas, which means precariously balancing them on the way back up! Today was not a day for heels.

2pm: It’s been a frantic day so far, with everyone needing everything done last minute! Becky has been unexpectedly out of the office, so I’ve also been covering her phone and trying to deal with anything urgent.

3.20pm: The deadline to get the letters in the post is 3.30, and Becky doesn’t arrive until 3.20, then needs something changing in the letter, so I end up hurriedly fixing it, re-printing it, and sprinting down to reception with the letters to make sure I catch the postman. Sometimes, I’ve even ended up heading across town to find the latest collection at a post box!

4pm: It’s project update time, so I stand at the whiteboard and update the tracker while Becky asks for updates. I also keep a tracker on a spreadsheet in case the whiteboard accidentally gets erased. Plus, I love spreadsheets, haha!

5.15pm: It’s finally the end of the week. Since working as a London PA, I’ve found that I really enjoy my weekends after a busy week in the office, but I’m also buzzing to get back in on Monday morning, which isn’t something I’ve really experienced in other jobs. I think that’s because my job is so varied, meaning each week is different and exciting!

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