A Week in the Life of a Top London PA - Tuesday

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If you've ever wanted to get an insight into what a PA job really entails, then stay tuned this week as one of the top London PAs from our leading PA recruitment agency gives you an all-access look into a week in her life...

10am: The morning starts the same as yesterday, but by 10am, I’m down in the dark, dusty basement looking for files for an upcoming disciplinary hearing. There isn’t enough room in the office for all of our files, but I hate the basement. It doesn’t matter how old I am—it’s scary down there!

When I joined the company, I suggested computerising our paperwork, as I’ve seen it work well in previous temp PA jobs. The bosses still prefer paper, but they agreed that going paper-less has great benefits for the environment and saves time searching for files. We’ve started scanning it in, but it’s been a slow process!

11am: Two files are missing paperwork, which is frustrating as it means I have to search through everyone’s in-trays. Usually, one of the HR advisors has forgotten to pass it on for filing. Occasionally, the missing paperwork is found in the “filing” pile by the door—the job that nobody wants to do! This is why I start searching well in advance.

12pm: I start preparing the files, which is quite a complicated process for disciplinaries, but also interesting. One of the things I love about PA jobs is that you get to learn about your industry too. In my previous temp PA jobs, I realised I liked HR, so I applied for a permanent PA job in the HR sector.

1pm: For lunch, we try a new independent that’s just opened. The food is really tasty, but it’s so busy in there!

2pm: After lunch, we have the weekly team meeting. I wish it wasn’t right after lunch, as I’m not at my most awake! Thankfully, it’s not my turn to write the minutes—we rotate this job. I take a few notes on the major points and actions for Becky though, as she’s out of the office and the minutes might not be sent around until later in the week.

3pm: I catch up on emails and voicemails, which always stack up during team meetings because there’s nobody answering the phone for an hour. It's amazing how much can happen in an hour here.

3.30pm: One of the emails is booking confirmation for Becky’s conference, so I prepare any information she needs, including the dress code, and sort her itinerary. This may need to be adjusted later, but I like to do things in advance, rather than rushing later.

4pm: I follow up on my actions from the team meeting, which means booking some training for the team on meditation skills. We have a list of training providers who offer courses, so I need to get the trainer’s availability, then find a date that everyone can attend. This works well as long as everyone has updated the team diary. If they haven’t, it involves a lot of re-work and can be very annoying!

5pm: Before I leave, I re-check the emails and write tomorrow’s to-do lists. The rest of the team think I’m a bit OTT with lists, but it really helps me stay on top of everything and make sure nothing is forgotten! You can never be too thorough, that's what I always say. :)

Stay tuned to find out more about a week in the life of a Top London PA. If this sounds like a job you'd love and you're looking for temporary or permanent PA jobs, get in touch with the team at Love Success today.


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