A Week in the Life of a Top London PA - Monday

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If you've ever wanted to get an insight into what a PA job really entails, then stay tuned this week as one of the top London PAs from our leading PA recruitment agency gives you an all-access look into a week in her life...

A Week in the Life of a Top London PA: Monday

8.30am: After a weekend of brunches with friends and long, relaxing baths, I need a coffee hit to start the week! Thankfully, our office is in the City, so there’s no shortage of coffee places around. I also grab a chai tea latte for my boss Becky. She doesn’t ask me to, but it starts the week off well!

8.45am: The first thing I do is check the emails to see what’s come in over the weekend—both my inbox and Becky’s. I check both of our voicemails too, making note of anyone I need to call back. Then I update both of our daily and weekly to-do lists using my to-do notepad. I’m known as the queen of stationary around the office!

9am: Becky gets in around 9, so I make sure her tea and to-do list are in prime spot on her desk. We have a quick catch-up about our weekends. One thing I’ve found when working in PA jobs is that it’s really important to get on with your boss! We have a quick update about the week, usually sat at her desk. I remind her of anything important she needs to do and she gives me a list of jobs to work on, so I always have a notebook to hand.

9.15 am: I spend the first hour replying to emails and actioning any tasks that arise, which usually means scheduling meetings in Becky’s diary and booking meeting rooms via the online system. It’s often a battle to book the best rooms in the building—the ones with windows—so I like to do this job early!

10.30am: Becky has a meeting at 11, so I check the room is ready, sort her paperwork, and make sure there’s a jug of water and extra pens. Becky is hosting the meeting, so I attend to take minutes, noting the important points and actions.

12.30: Lunchtime, yay! I’m starving! A few of us head out to lunch around the corner. We have a laugh about our weekends and make the most of the hour. I also grab a take-out salad for Becky, as she often works through her lunch hour.

1.30pm: After lunch, I sort the post into piles of “action” and “urgent”. I stick post-it notes on anything that needs an answer and put them in Becky’s in-tray. I return any post to sender that we don’t need to cut down the amount of junk mail we receive!

2.00pm: One of the letters invited Becky to a HR business conference, so I confirm her attendance and book her transport, hotels, and dinner reservations for it before the local hotels get booked up. One of the things I love about this job is learning what my boss likes and ensuring their time away from home is as comfortable as possible.

3.30pm: The mid-afternoon slump has set in, but I stay focused to type up the minutes of the morning’s meeting. I get Becky to check them quickly, then send them out via email along with reminders of the actions. I’d rather get it done on the same day while it’s still fresh in people’s minds.

4pm: For the last hour, I check the emails and voicemails, update mine and Becky’s diaries, and create tomorrow’s to-do lists. I’ve learned that you can never be too organised when you work in PA jobs!

5.15pm: Home time! I go home feeling satisfied—people think it’s strange that my favourite day of the week is Monday, but for me, Monday is a day of organisation and getting prepared. The rest of the week is usually a bit more hectic!

Stay tuned to find out more about a week in the life of a Top London PA. If this sounds like your cup of tea and you're looking for temporary or permanent PA jobs, get in touch with the team at Love Success today.


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