How to Make Your Job More Meaningful

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New YouGov research has revealed that over a third of workers in the UK feel their job makes no meaningful contribution to the world. Many of these workers felt that their role involves tasks they secretly believe don’t need to be performed. Despite this, comparatively few are looking for new jobs. If you’re finding it difficult to get excited about your work or you’ve become accustomed to the Sunday night blues, you too may have lost sight of the meaning in your work. As a leading recruitment agency, we want everyone to be happy in their work, so here’s some tips on how to make your job more meaningful…

Find what it is that you value

Before you can understand and appreciate the value in your work, you need to know what it is that you actually value. For some people it’s adventure, whilst for others it’s freedom, money, or family. Once you know what is most of value to you, you will know where to look for the value in your work.

Change your mindset

Once you have a better understanding of what it is that you value, the next step is to change your mindset. You need to do this even if you dislike your job. If you spend all day thinking about how much you hate your work, it will be impossible to see anything good in what you do. Cut out the negativity—and meaningfulness will begin the shine through.

Make a pro/cons list

If you’re struggling to identify anything meaningful about your job, make a list of pros and cons. The cons list may be longer, but there will be pros too, perhaps unexpectedly. Even listing that the job provides you with money to support yourself or your family counts. The aim is to find positive aspects of your work. You may also want to look at the company in general and how it contributes to society. You play an important role in that.

Give back to society through your company

Giving back can make you feel good, and you may find that there are ways you can do this through your company. Find out whether your employer supports a particular cause and then get involved in their efforts. Some businesses offer time off to their employees for volunteering and charity work—take advantage of this.

Consider changing jobs

It can often take a bit of searching to find meaning in your work. But if it’s still not there, you may need to look for a new job that you find more inspiring. If you can’t see how your current job is meaningful and you can’t seem to create meaning yourself, then moving on could be the right decision. If your job doesn’t bring you happiness, doesn’t allow you to support your family or help charitable causes or your community, it may not be the right job for you.

Get help

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