What to Consider before Asking for a Raise in 2018

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Ideally, we’d all receive the salary we want right away when beginning a job. However, if you’ve been in employment for some time, you’ll be aware that people rarely receive their dream offer right off the bat. You need to ask for what you want, state your case, and hope that your employer is able and willing to give you the salary you want. Whether you’re asking for a pay rise or more perks at your current company, or you’re trying to secure a salary package that’s right for you with a new employer, here’s some excellent advice to help you get what you deserve in 2018.

Make sure your performance merits a raise

You may want a rise or think you deserve it, but you will need to make strong case to show that your salary should be higher. Are you being underpaid in your PA job compared to the market average? Perhaps you’re contributing more to the company than is reflected in your wage, taking on extra responsibilities in your receptionist job? Why should your employer pay you more right now? Be specific. You need to demonstrate why you’re indispensable to the organisation. If you want an increase in your current salary, you need to be sure you can show that it’s warranted.

Work with your employer, not against them

When asking your employer for a pay rise, you need to collaborate with them, rather than fight them. You’re much more likely to be successful if you take this approach. Don’t make the mistake of issuing an ultimatum, as this won’t get you far. Instead, treat the negotiation as a unique opportunity to create a more suitable compensation package that makes better sense for both you and them.

Know that you don’t have to share your current salary

Many recruiters don’t shy away from asking about your current salary, but you should know that you don’t have to answer this question directly. In fact, it’s something you should never disclose when it comes to negotiating your salary. It may be a question that arises early in the interview process, but it’s actually part of your salary negotiation process, so tread carefully. Disclosing numbers in your answer to this question can make it nearly impossible to negotiate effectively later. So if you’ve been working in PA jobs and are looking for that top London PA job, don’t give up what your previous salary was.

Think beyond pounds and pence

For many employees, the amount they will be taking home each year is what they focus on. However, it’s important not to forget about benefits, such as more holidays, gym membership, and free dental and healthcare. More money in your hand may be the target, but if your employer isn’t open to paying you more, it’s still worth negotiating benefits. Benefits are an important aspect of your overall salary package, so consider what might be worth bartering for before you go into negotiations with your employer.

Leave personal issues out of negotiations

Whilst explaining your personal circumstances might seem like the logical thing to do when attempting to get a pay rise, it can actually ruin your negotiation. For example, don’t use the fact that you need to pay for your upcoming wedding as a bargaining tool. Leave personal issues out of the conversation. You’ll create a more compelling argument when asking for a salary increase by providing proof of your hard work.

Get advice from the people in the know

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