Which Industries Are Leaving Gender Stereotypes Behind?

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Gender stereotyping has been present in some industries and career paths for decades, possibly even centuries! But could all that be about to change?

This month, the prestigious Norland College, which produces the famous ‘Norland Nannies’, reported that a record number of men have enrolled to study for a degree in Early Years Development and Learning. The school, which has produced nannies for the royals, the rich, and the famous, has already seen seven men pass through its doors, and four more have signed up for a course set to start this month.

Typically, the role of nannying and childcare has been one designated to women, in a similar way to many receptionist jobs and permanent PA jobs. But the increase in men signing up to study at Norland College could signal a sea change. Could we be on our way to a total breakdown of gender stereotypes in a number of industries?

Experts in the world of childcare are observing that the social barriers are slowly but surely being broken down. They expect that the trend for more men entering the world of childcare will continue, which would be a positive thing in terms of having a more gender equal society.

As a leading PA and secretarial recruitment agency, we’ve been exploring what this means for the world of office support jobs and receptionist roles. These positions have traditionally been dominated by women for many years. Of course, there are already some male executive assistants and male receptionists, but these are often a small minority.

There has long been a perception of women in business as ‘the assistants’—the ones who organize the schedule and keep things running smoothly but aren’t privy to the details of important deals or meetings. It seems that these perceptions involving men and women slotting into outdated roles are coming to an end.

Just as more women are becoming CEOs and board members of top firms, more men are entering the business world at admin level and working their way up. The stereotypes attached to both genders are slowly ebbing away, creating a workplace where both men and women fulfil every role and position there is.

From air hostesses to nurses, and builders to engineers, there have always been jobs that society has designated as a ‘man’s job’ or a ‘woman’s job’. But with more women than ever entering STEM fields, and more men than ever entering the worlds of childcare and admin, the boundaries are slowly blurring, creating a more equal society for everyone.

Whatever gender you are, we’d love to help you find your next role! So for more information about the latest permanent or temporary PA jobs and other office support roles, get in touch with the team at PA recruitment agency Love Success today.

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